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Sunday, March 31, 2019
HI March....OK bye March.

Honestly, time has been slipping through my fingers the past 12 months. The weekend will be over, and it feels like Saturday comes the next day. I feel like as I am getting older, time is speeding up! And because time is moving so quickly, moments are meshing together and I have no idea when something happened, so Its good to write these things down. Even if I only blog monthly.

Highlights of my Month:

~We bought tickets to go back home to Alberta! We will be back for almost all of May and I cant wait!
~My sister had her bday and she has joined me in the 'late 20's' gang ;)
~I played volleyball for the first time in years, and it was amaze-balls.
~I have started to declutter my house. We are moving in about 13 months (which i know seems like a long time, but that will be cut to 4 months in the blink of an eye! So better to be ahead of the game).
~Ben has started to become better at reading and it is awesome!
~I bought a book (HERE) to help Aurora kick start her reading, and she is doing so great!
~Spring breaks. Ben had his week off, then Maikal had his the week after.
~Roka has cut ALL of his teeth. Thank the heavens. No more teething baby!!

Lowlights of my Month:

~My kids have had Pink Eye all week. But they are 99% better today.
~Tired. I have been having terrible sleeps the past 3 months. I wake up so many times in the night! Im not sure if its the 'winter blues' or what, but it has been hurting my mental clarity and physical energy. This girl needs her sleep lol.
~It snowed today. After the 15+ weather we've had all week. Booooo.
~Turns out Roka is terrified of dogs. But he needs to get over that, because my sister has 2 giant dogs and he needs to love them!

Before I go, let's talk about this months How We Wore It inspo. When I was shopping back a few months ago, I was looking for sunglasses for my Mexico trip, but came across these fake glasses.

Am I cool enough to wear fake glasses?
Are fake glasses lame?
Will I turn into a poser?
Do I even look ok in glasses?

I dont know. But I bought them because I thought they were so fun! I think with the right outfit and hairstyle they totally work. Who knew that something meant to help people see better, would now turn into a fashion accessory. Im into it lol.

Glasses :: Forever 21

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How We Wore It | 'Gal'entines

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
So I've recently learned about the term 'Galentines'.
From what i've learned, it's about your 'Gal' Pals having a party around Valentines to spread the love beyond your partners!

Well, lucky me I have recently had the best gal pal party ever.......MY SISTERS WEDDING.
These 7 ladies were THE BEST. I could spend days on end with every single one of them and never get bored. The nicest, fiercest, generous, light hearted girls around. Each person brings something special to the table and made Chelsie feel like a queen on her big day. Go Team!!

For me, dates with my girlfriends are so important. There are so many topics that get discussed with women that would never be brought up with your parents, husbands, kids, etc. It's nice to let loose that way!

OK lets talk about the second best dress at the wedding (next to the vision in white of course), the bridesmaid dresses!
Chelsie new she wanted something 'beachy' and easy for her bridesmaids.
Searched Amazon....done. I don't know about you guys, but I never thought i'd be an 'online shopper'. And it takes practice, but I have found it to save me so much time!
We found these awesome dresses and I was so excited!!! I love how light the fabric is and how soft it is!! It goes with every skin tone and every body type. And my fav thing about it would have to be the different ways you can tie the top. We each did something different and brought out a different twist to each style.
Con about it is definitely the lack of boob coverage (meaning padding). And each of us have double sided tape somewhere on our boobs to keep things in place, but we made it work! I bought my first stick on bra and was easier than I thought.

Dress:: HERE

Shoes:: HERE

Sticky Bra:: HERE

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How We Wore It | Turtle Club

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Sorry about the 'crickets' around here.....blogging has definitely taken a back burner these past 12 months. And i've been on the fence on whether or not to keep going. Do ppl read blogs anymore? Am I interesting enough to even wright about stuff that ppl want to read about? Maybe.

But i do have a passion for sharing things. And it's still January so I still have time to finish my goals for this month. Which leads me to my blogging babes with our 'How We Wore It' series. Where we get to pretend to be fashion models and get pictures taken of us haha. Its kind of awesome.

Today in Cleveland, its an unusually cold day, for here anyway. Obvi I am from Alberta so this temperature in winter seems normal to me. But school was cancelled for both Ben and Maikal, and Maikals school NEVER closes, so this weather is a big deal around here. Not complaining one bit!! And of all days to take pictures, I chose the 'cold' day haha. You know, cold/wintery photos are some of the best. Snow can be so pretty!! But these photos took a total of 120 seconds hahaha.

And it's perfect timing because I leave for Mexico on Saturday and I. Am. So. Excited.
I am going alone as Maikal couldn't get away from school and H no im not doing that trip by myself with kids. So a solo trip it is. And it is much needed for me. Does anyone else get nervous travelling alone? I keep thinking I am going to forget something or do or say something wrong to the people at the airport. I've been on dozens of planes, and I still freak out.

Calmmmmmm down. I can do it.

I haven't seen my family since August, and Im a big family gal so I miss them like crazy and this is going to be amazing. My sister is getting married (hence the trip), and it will be soooooo fun! 1 week she will be a married woman and join the 'marrieds' of the family!! We need more members. And more babies.

Thanks for reading. I love all 3 of you ;)

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Twinnerpated & Co.

Jordan Cidelle

How We Wore It | Fall Bold Colors

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Oh hey Blog....haven't seen you in a while....ooops.

Happy Halloween! Here for a quick blog post peeps.

You know, I think every season has their moments. Spring with their flowers, Summer with the beaches, Fall with the leaves, and Winter with it's wonderland.
But Fall is my favourite time to photograph in. I actually have a very styled photoshoot this weekend....and I bought a purple smoke bomb......its going to be nutsssss.

Fall also has the best fashion! I love to get bundled up in socks, sweaters and coats. Now, you guys know how much I love a good thrift steal....this coat.....$8 at Goodwill. I know.
I love the cute colour and the length of the coat. Because you know its the worst when you raise your hands or bend over and BOOM.....back or belly is showing and that cold air just sneaks right up there! So this coat is PERFECT for Fall. Just something to snuggle in, yet stylish.
And yes, these photos were taken by my son....on my phone. Last minute struggles.
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How hard core for Halloween are you guys? Im pretty hard core. Its going to rain tonight, but we are still going. I plan our outfits months in advance! I try to make it fun and witty. This year is probably one of my favs. We went as a family costume this year, Characters from Adventure time! You can see my post HERE. It's not a super well known show as many people didn't know who we were....but you should start watching it guys. Both my 6 yr old and 33 year old loooooove it haha.

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9 in, 9 out

Wednesday, August 22, 2018
9 Months IN, 9 Months OUT!

This Boy.
You have been quite the challenge for me, but I am so incredibly in love with you.
I don't even remember the last time I had a full night sleep. Even when he sleeps straight through the night, my body just wakes me up sometimes because it's so use to it now lol.
You are a stage 5 clinger, but ever since you started crawling and lifting yourself up off the floor (happened about 4 weeks ago), things have gotten 1000000X easier. You can explore new things on your own and trying to keep up with your siblings is the funniest things ever. However, now you find every small choking hazard on the ground and almost die like 10x a day. So fun.
You have finally started sleeping long stretches. Most nights you go from 8-5, eat, then up at 7:30.
You love food. You are moving onto the good real stuff, non of this mushy baby food business anymore.
You have 6 teeth.
Take 2-3 naps.
Best laugh ever.
So ticklish.
Loves peek-a-boo.
Weaned and Bottle Fed. I dried up with every baby about 8ish months. I tried so hard to go longer, but it just wasn't happening. But you hold your own bottles and its a game changer.
You loooooove to be in water.
And of course, you are the cutest thing on the planet.

And you will notice the photo stalker in these. Aurora was SO jealous that Roka was getting his own little photoshoot, so she was close by and try to get in a couple. Literally dying in laughter. Because Ben is in school all day, Roka has been her new play pal. She is still learning to be a little more gentle, but Ro is surprisingly taking all the rough housing well ha.

How We Wore It Together | High Waisted

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
I can't believe we are coming up on 3 years of blogging with these ladies with our HWWI series. And, this is the FIRST time we were all in the same place at the same time. So obviously, a major photoshoot needed to be done. I can tell you right now, this was one of the funnest shoots ever!

Let me just give a quick reason why I jumped on the 'fashion blogging' train. Being a Mom, I don't feel like I ever really get the chance to dress up or take nice photo's ever. Plus the post baby body has given me some unconfident feelings towards myself, which is never good! I guess you could say it's part of my 'me time'. I love getting ready, and I love taking photos, so doing some outfit posts just seemed so fun to me....gather a few other talented and wonderful ladies, and here we are! I've always had a love for blogging, but Instagram has kind of taken over my time instead of the blog, which is totally fine, but having the blog to tell some bigger stories or more photos about whatever is so nice to have as well. And I love that these ladies keep me blogging at least once a month.

It's crazy how much our body can change. Over the past years with photographing what I wear, Ive gone from a thinner me to a thicker me to a pregnant me to a post birth me. I've learned to dress for my body type with every stage, and it has been very complicated at times, and shopping has seemed impossible, but our bodies are amazing and it's been a goal of mine not to worry about it so much. Just go with the flow, have goals, but don't beat myself up if I don't reach them right away.

This month is HIGH WAISTED JEANS. I never thought id see the day where I would wear such a thing. But you guys, if you have a bit of tummy trouble, high waisted is the way to go!!! And no bum crack when you bend over. Double awesomeness. They give me a great shape for how my body looks right now, which brings on a big confidence booster for me! It also elongates your legs, which for my shorty little stub a huge plus.

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Top: Reitmans

Jeans: Liquid (found thrifting)

Shoes: Winners

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