Thursday, August 18, 2016

Deep Breaths and Comfy Pants

What's with all this rain!?? I feel like May, June, and July had so much great weather, and then August came and brought the rain!! OK, maybe im being a little selfish. I guess rain is good. Keeps things looking fresh and green and helps the farmers. But I just want to go to the beach and live up these last summer days! Can you believe there is only 2 weeks left?? I have so much to do!

At first, I didn't think doing all the packing and cleaning by myself would be a big deal. Then I started organizing things and made a to-do list. And holy man!! Moving, selling, packing, and cleaning is a lot to do! Plus my kids have been super clingy and needy since their Dad left. Somehow kids just know something is wrong and they respond! Aurora especially has been pretty needy. I feel like I can't get anything done in the day until they are asleep because they need my constant attention and love. I guess they feel they need the love and comfort for two parents from just me. ya that's alot! So im left with only a few hours in the day to do stuff without hearing the words 'mom mom mom mom mom' every other second. So balancing everything with the Move, my Photography, being a Mom (and everything that comes with that), doing Summer Activities, and taking those few moments just to myself has kept me on my toes and makes for busy busy days! Im trying my best. I just need to take a lot of breathes. *deep inhale* Ok rant over.

Until our next hot day, I'll just wear some bright coloured clothing to warm up my days. And if you haven't noticed, Im kind of obsessed with everything Mayberrys recently. I need everything they have in my wardrobe. These leggings and top are seriously sooooo soft!! Nothing better than comfy clothes. Like nothing.

Top :: Mayberrys

Leggings :: Mayberrys

Shoes :: Old, but Love THESE

Friday, August 12, 2016

Lone wolf Mama

It is currently day 16 without Maikal. *Cue 'Survivor' Theme Music*

Before Maikal left for Cleveland, I thought '6 weeks??? Pffft we can do that!'
It wasn't until this week that I started having thoughts like 'will it ever end!?' 'Sept 5th is never going to get here'.
Then I took a breathe, slapped myself, and got it together. Yes of course it will get here! I just need to fill my days so that time will go by faster. Which is actually pretty easy since there is SO MUCH TO DO before I leave! PLUS sweet summer activities! Although, this rain is putting a major damper on our outdoor plans. Lamesauce 'amiright' Southern Alberta!?? I just want it to be hot and spend our days at the lake and splash parks.

The kids are doing pretty well considering, although they miss him a lot! We have multiple Skype dates so they get to see their Daddy. Uhhh the look on their faces when his face is on the screen is priceless! I cannot wait to reunite our family!

I am currently in DV about to shoot my 2nd last wedding of the summer and I am pretty excited about it. This is also the weekend where I will be saying goodbye to my Dad and Chelsie *Major Sad Face*. I wish we could have lived closer together during these last 5 years. We won't likely be coming back for Christmas so it will be a YEAR before we see anyone again. Unless you come to us, which I would be very happy about! Just sayin'. We've already been saying our slow goodbyes to a few family and friends here and there throughout the last few weeks and my heart hurts a little more every time. I love our Family. I love our Friends. They are what make life so happy for us. We could live anywhere in the world and be happy if we were simply surrounded by good company. Im pretty sucky when it comes to making friends, so hopefully my luck with turn around once I get to Cleveland. Im assuming there will be quite a few other Dentist/Doctor wives that will be just as lonely as me! So we will need to stick together! haha.

A lot is going to happen over the next 3 weeks preparing to move and getting things ready, so we will be super busy. Which is, like I said, a good thing for us. I've got so many ppl offering their help and it feels so good to know ppl are there for us. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far! Especially Mom for kicking my lazy bum into gear ;)

Dress :: Mayberrys

Friday, August 5, 2016

Thoughts on Jeggings

Hey everyone!
Can you believe its August!???? Where is the time going!? I don't want Summer to end, but at the same time I do, because then that would mean that we will be moving down to Cleveland to join Maikal!! Ahh we are so excited!

But enough of that, I am writing this post to talk about Jeggings!! Something I don't think I would have ever written about. Until I did a product photoshoot for Mayberrys a little while back, I thought Jeggings were the most hideous thing ever invented. Leading up to the photoshoot, I hadn't ever seen ppl actually wearing them. Or I've never noticed. I've only ever seen them 'on the hanger' or in packaging. And if you've ever noticed this with clothes, they look totally different on a body than not. So I pre-judged this type of clothing because I thought they looked super ridiculous and ugly just lying there on the store table. Ya no thanks.

But, then......I tried them on......and my mind was blown!!! They actually looked like Jeans! But with the comfort of leggings. Seriously the person who invented these is a genius. GENIUS! I can't even remember the last time I wore Jeans. They're just too restricting when you're running around all day after 2 little kids. I need mobility! But sometimes, I miss the look of jeans, but can't bring myself to wear them for more than 2-3 hours in a day, then it's straight back to the leggings! lol. So to have leggings that look like jeans is a serious game changer. And you know when you wear jeans, and your stomach is a 'problem area' for you and the waist of the jeans really hugs that area and makes it worse??? It's basically the worst. These are super high waisted, so it doesn't cut around that part AND when you bend over, no underwear shows. Nuff said.

Jeggings :: Mayberrys

Top :: Mayberrys

Friday, July 22, 2016

Easy Breezy

You guys, my husband leaves me for good in 5 days!!! That is.....until sept 8th when I drive down to move to Cleveland. (im sticking around for work ;) ). But we are sure going to miss him! If anyone wants to go to the splash park, Park lake, or Wally's, we would love to join you! Gotta keep ourselves busy so we don't think about it too much.

Anywho, that's a post for another day.
Today I am talking about your summer dress staple!
You know, sometimes shorts just doesn't cut it. You need something easy and breezy!
You need a dress or skirt! It's a serious game changer.
This particular dress is from and it is the softest and most comfortable thing I own.
They have an AWESOME selection of dresses as well as countless items for summer.
I particularly love this dress because I feel I can wear it casually, or dress it up for a more formal event.
I also wore this dress for our family photo's, so stayed tuned for those as well!

It is currently Magrath days and I will be heading to the parade, eating good food, hanging with great people, floating down the canal, bridge jumping, and then to finish with fireworks. Its going to be an eventful Saturday!! Have to make it count since this is the last weekend with Maikal. :(

I hope everyone is soaking up this wondering summer sun and getting outside! And I think this new Pokemon game is helping with that as well tehe. Maikal has been taking the kids on long walks for this game, which is fantastic for me and for them!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dress :: Mayberrys 

Also LOVE :: This, This and This one

Monday, June 20, 2016

How We Wore It | BOHO

Hey everyone!
Another 'How we wore it' is here!!! This month we chose BOHO!!! Which is seriously one of the cutest styles to rock in the summer. I saw this dress on Aliexpress, and I just needed it. It is so light and fresh and perfect to dress up for anything without feeling overly dressed or constrained.

Hannah and I headed out to Waterton for this shoot and it was so beautiful!! I love this place. There is so much to do, so much to eat, so much to see! If you ever have the chance to go there, you should. It is breathe taking you guys.

I am currently in Hawaii just having a blast!! And I can't wait to post some things about the Big Island with you guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Dress :: Aliexpress

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