Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine' Day | Lovey Dovey Stuff

Oh hey! Im blogging two days in a row! Who am I?

So im just going to start this lovey dovey Valentines Day post off with some Love quotes that describe a little about us:

"I know I'm a handful, but that's why you got two hands"

"I'm pretty sure I didn't meet you for nothing"

"Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming in a restaurant"

"She knew she loved him when 'home' went from being a place to being a person"

So as stated on my previous post, we don't go full out buying gifts or anything for VDay. But I do love the cuddles, the sweet words, the yummy dinners, personal notes, etc ;) All I asked for Vday this year were some cute bedroom photo's of us cuddling and being all cutesie haha. So thanks for being a good sport Maikal ;) Love your guts.

And of course I need to say a few heart warming things about my love. Get ready to vomit ;) 

Maikal has made me a better person in every way possible. If you know Maikal, you know he is loud, opinionated, and passionate. Before marrying him, I would consider myself one of the shyest people you would ever meet. Never would I have ever raised my hand to answer anything, give my opinion of anything in a discussion, confront anyone, share thoughts on whatever. Its always been something I've wanted to change about myself, but just didnt know how. He really has rubbed off on me and I feel like I have grown a new sense of self and confidence. Which is one of the best feelings in the world! We have grown together as a couple, but we have also grown separately as better human beings. 

Some of my favourite things about him:

1) His laugh. Man, when Maikal really gets going, his laugh is one of the best sounds in the world.
2) His love for God and Family.
3) The way he plays with our kids. Is it not the cutest thing seeing your spouse wrestle and chase your kid(s) around the house? I die.
4) His friends. Which have turned into my friends. Some of the BEST people you will ever meet. 
5) His work ethic. As you know Maikal started Dental School in Aug, and he studies hard to get the grades he needs, and he nails it! 
6) His love for the ocean. When we go on a trip, it's like his happy place is in the waves/water. He turns into a little kid again with no care in the world. Its basically the cutest.
7) His hair. K I know this is a weird one, but he has never grown out his hair before and never had a good man bun. Which I am obsessed with. He got through the awkward hair stage and it is amazing now. Long and black and smooth! Mmmmmmm.
8) Baby Respect. Before getting married, I knew he wanted 6 kids, and he knew I wanted 4. But I said I could maybe do 6, we will see how it goes. (I may or may not have just said that to get him to marry me lol.) Obviously it hasn't gone as planned so far lol. But he as NEVER pushed me to have more kids if I didn't want them or when to have them. He knows I will be carrying them and going through the birth and everything that comes after that. I think a man's respect level for his wife goes up 1000 notches when he see's that baby exit his wife lol. 

Obviously there are endless things I love about him, but I don't want to make you read a novel lol. Instead I will just leave you with these pictures. Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

How We Wore It | Day to Night

Valentines day is tomorrow! Personally, Im not much of a VDay celebrator. Maikal and I don't usually buy things for one another, we just spend time together, go on a date or whatever! So this outfit post is based around date night!
SO for How We Wore It series this month, we decided to try and do a "day to night' look. Basically, keeping the same main pieces, but styling small things differently such as hair, accessories, shoes, etc. And honestly, I could just as easily wear my day look on a date haha. But other than Sunday, I don't usually wear heels so it's a good excuse to get a little more fancy!

Now, when I try to dress up all fancy, I try to revolve my clothing around my Hair colour. Is that weird?? I just feel like it's my best feature so I like to make it pop! And colours that do that are Greens and Creams/Neutrals. Hence the Cream Detailed shirt. Picked this beauty up at Goodwill! Don't you love finding treasures at thrift stores!? Especially in your size! Is it not the worst when you find that dress, those jeans, that jacket, that is exactly what you want, but its the complete wrong size? The worst.

So here is my DAY look: 

And here is my NIGHT look:

DAY look:

Top:: ZARA , sold out, but also love THIS

Jeans:: Bluenotes, old, love THESE

Shoes:: Target, old, love THESE

NIGHT look:

Necklace:: Ardene

Shoes:: Bluenotes, old, but love THESE

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

How We Wore It | Monochrome + 10 Goals

Happy New Year!
I know that's a little late, but better late than never.
We had such an amazing time back in Canada for the Christmas Holiday! I loved seeing all our friends and family and watching our kids play with their cousins and friends. And since our families live so far apart, there was ALOT of driving lol. And the bad winter roads made it even longer than it needed to be. A drive that usually took us 5 hours....took us 8!!! 8 hours people! But so worth it.

And as it is a New Year, I would like to write down a few New Years Goals:

1) Get in shape. Eat clean. Become more flexible (physically).
2) Be a better teacher to my kids.
3) Go on more hikes.
4) Go on more dates with my hubs.
5) Experiment with meals, get more creative.
6) Watch less tv and pick up more books. (ps i hate reading, so this might be a challenge). Any book recommendations would be fabulous! I love romance, adventure, supernatural stuff :) 
7) Learn to properly budget. And stick to that budget!
8) Potty train Aurora.
9) Pick a great school for Ben for this Fall. He starts Kindergarten this year! Im going to be a mom with a kid in school!? How did this happen!? But I am stoked.
10) Save money and go to Israel with Maikal in July. His school is going on an archaeological dig! 

And to end off this post, its our 'How we wore it' series back for the new year!! We are starting off this year with a Monochrome post. I chose black, like my soul.......lol jk jk. You know, every time we do an outfit post, I get a serious wardrobe reality check. This time I am aware of how I dont have a good selection of pants. I have black leggings, or blue jeans lol. My pant game needs to take it up a notch! But leggings......I can't not wear them. Im not sure if its the way my body is shaped now (aka 30 pounds heavier) and so jeans just don't fit comfortably anymore, or they keep sliding off, but leggings seem to be the only comfy thing out there for my shape. Or Im buying the wrong jeans. But, Im not complaining about wearing leggings. #leggingsforlife #cantstopwontstop
Also, I hope this choker trend keeps going strong, because I just ordered a butt load and its becoming an obsession. And this sweater, my sissy got me for Christmas! Loooooove it.

Hat :: Old, Similar at Forever21
Choker :: Ardene
Sweater :: Winners , Also love THIS 
Leggings :: Walmart
Shoes :: Value Village

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Monday, November 14, 2016

How We Wore It | Clad in Plaid

I came to realize 2 things while doing this post:

1) I own zero Plaid Clothing. Why? I have no idea. I love Plaid! Time for a wardrobe update. Not mad about it.

2) I can pull off a Man's dress shirt like nobody's business. It was the only thing in the closet!! And after shooting the pics, I also then realized that it is more checkered than your traditional Plaid pattern. But it still works right?

Like Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate, Plaid and Fall just go together. The versatility of Plaid is unreal. Be sure to check out my friend's blogs to see what they did with it! (Link at Bottom of post). And yes, it is still Fall around these parts. And also back home in Alberta too I see! What is this crazy weather!!? I'm certainly not complaining, I hate the cold.

You guys, it's Finals week for Maikal, and he is writing his big nasty one today! Then it's American Thanksgiving holidays! Maikal gets a full week off of school for this, but with the weekends in between, we have 10 days off!....I guess they really celebrate this holiday down here in America. Im all for it! We have plans to travel to Ontario and Cincinnati. So happy to have some quality time with my family. 1 Semester almost done!

Top: Old, but Love THIS, THIS, and THIS

Cardigan : Old, also love THIS

Boots : Old, similar HERE and HERE

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