Friday, May 1, 2015

An Island Getaway

We had the most amazing time in Hawaii!! And Im finally getting around to blogging about it haha. We went with a group of 15 people. Thats right, 15! We searched for weeks trying to find a place, and when we finally did, it turned out they double booked us so we lost our place! It was a 2 weeks before leaving and we weren't finding anything. But as luck would have it, we found this sweet Ranch House just South East of Laie (North Shore). It was very big and did a decent job of fitting everyone. Some were sleeping on couches, others beds, others slept on cushions made into a bed. I feel like we used our resources quite well and no one seemed to mind. Phewf! We had a really good group. But next time I think we will keep it much smaller haha.

A huge bummer was that ALL my cute swimsuits that I ordered came DURING our vacation. Seriously??? SERIOUSLY!???? Just a few days and I would have been swimming in cuteness!! Oh well. At least it's summer so I can wear them soon!

It was so good to be back to our second home. It felt so comfortable and familiar. The weather was perfect! April is at the end of rainy season so we were worried it would be rainy. But we were lucky! The water was so refreshing. Its the prefect temperature for a hot day. We saw a ton of turtles and saw the occasional whale in the distance just playing. Ocean animals are so cool!

We hiked to waterfalls, drank from pineapples and coconuts, cliff jumped (which I never do!), boogy boarded, body surfed, and so so so much more. I actually don't think I just laid on the beach once. There was just so much to do! Relaxing is for night time! I went parasailing for the first time and it was so cool!! The view from up there is something else. So relaxing and peaceful. I could spend hours in the harness.

This trip we had a theme. "Face Your Fears". For me personally, jumping off stuff is very terrifying. I've never jumped off the BIG rock at Waimea, but I did jump off a cliff that was higher than I've ever jumped before! I felt so good! Like I was slowy but surely accomplishing something that I've been afraid of for so long. It will probably take me a few more years to go higher than what I did, but Im still proud of myself.

Funny (but scary) story about one of the boys that came. His 'face your fear' was that he swam pretty far into the open ocean. It was very dark blue. Can't see much beneath or around you. It scared him that you couldn't see anything. 'There could be sharks around me and I wouldn't even know it!'. Funny thing is, is the Maikal DID see a shark under everyone when we swam out there. He didn't tell anyone because he thought it would scare them. Which Im totally glad he did. Everyone would have freaked and never went in the water again! But ya....super scary!

We can't wait to plan another trip and have more memories to look back on. Travelling is one of my favourite things in life. Especially when I can experience it with my Love. He makes things way more fun!

One of my favourite things do with our trips is make video's!! This one was so fun to put together. BUT, apparently you can't watch it on phones......not quite sure why. I must have accidentally edited it that way when I was making it. Which super sucks because majority of people only use their phone's nowadays. But, If you are really wanting to see our trip, just find a computer and it should work!

Also, be sure to watch it in HD to get the best quality!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Knock Off's

You know what is one of my absolute favourite things when it comes to clothes???

Knock Offs

Yes you read it right.
I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, reading fashion blogs, looking at magazines, etc. Just looking for inspiration and getting ideas for when I go shopping. And you know what I hate the most about looking at these things......that I know in the back of my mind that I will never be able to afford any of it. Nothing. A simple designer bag is thousands of dollars.

I'm poor. And even if I wasn't, I seriously don't think I could ever spend thousands of dollars on a simple handbag, shoes, dresses, etc. I have anxiety about spending $30 for a top! I found this pretty freaking awesome website called Aliexpress. It's a China based website where everything is wicked cheap. There is a ton of Brand Name things (obviously I know they are not real) But they look EXACTLY the same to me. I've boughten a few things and I've been super impressed with the quality!!

So, this past Fall/Winter season, I've seen these boots everywhere!! They are a little short on me. Probably because they are knock offs haha. But I still love them! They are the Knock Off's of Stuart Weitzman knee high boots. They are super comfortable and I love the look of a super high boot! An original Stuart Weitzman Boot is close to $900..........ya no. no way. I'd rather spend $80 on my knock offs thank you very much.

Boots :: Aliexpress

Dress :: Joe Fresh, Sold Out (Similar)

Monday, March 23, 2015

9 Months IN, 9 Months OUT

This little lady of mine has been out of my tummy for as long as she was in it! Happy 9 months my Princess! I just love her! She has taught me so much about the joys of Motherhood. She opened my eyes to so much more love for both her and Ben. She truly is a blessing. And a dang cute one at that! Honestly I am having random attacks of anxiety about leaving her. Im better with Ben just because he's older and isn't so dependant on me. But Aurora is still my baby and I know she will just miss us like crazy. Plus she's been playing stranger danger lately which is terrible timing! We are leaving Aurora with Rio and Kathleen (Maikal's oldest bro) and we are leaving Ben with Maikal's parents. As much as I want them to come, it just wouldn't be a very good vacation with the babes around. One person would always be stuck on the beach babysitting. Boo. So we will just prepare ourselves over the next 2 weeks and hopefully they will be just fine without us for a bit.

Since my house is a dark old townhouse with terrible lighting, I went over to my friend Nicole's house to do this little shoot. She has the best windows and perfect flooring! I dream of the day when I can build my own home and have everything I want. *sigh*

Ok so here are some updated stats for 9 months!:

- Weaned. She is 100% bottle fed with formula
- Sleeps 12-14 hours straight at night
- Two naps. First is 2 hours and second is 45 min
- She can stand on her own!
- Crawls everywhere
- Pulls herself up on everything
- Can climb up small objects (like a box)
- Climbs up the stairs (working on going down)
- She just popped her first tooth this past weekend
- Size 3 diapers
- Weighs about 20 pounds
- Chews on absolutely everything and everything. We have to keep a very clean floor so she doesn't choke
- Says Mom. I know it's probably just a flook....but I like to think she says it on purpose
- I swear her hair will never grow. I will have a little bald girl forever.
- Favourite part of the day is bath time! This kid is a little fish at the pool. Both my kids have that Island need for the water in their blood!

She has the longest most beautiful eye lashes!

She was thinking really hard about her next pose haha 

I know her hair looks really red in this picture, but it's just the photoshopping.
Her hair will be brown.