Monday, November 14, 2011
Excited for....

Lights. Family
Wreaths. Carolling
Mistletoe. Decorations.
Stockings. Christmas Music.
Christmas tree. Ginger Bread Houses
Hot Chocolate. Snow Activities. Presents.
Shopping. Jingle Bells. Lights. Little Drummer Boy.
Santa Hats. Ginger Bread Houses. WreathsFire Place Coziness.
Milk and Cookies. Reindeer. Christmas Stories. Elves. Snowman.
Snowflakes on noses. Sleigh Rides. No School. Food. The Grinch. Frosty
Pine Cones. White Trees. Rudolph. Joy. Spirit. Love. Giving. Generosity.
Snow Angels. Cute Coats. Scarves. Boots. White Red and Green. NorthPole
Cold Red Noses. SnowBall Fights. Snuggling In Warm Blanket with Husband.
Parades. Movies. Marshmallows. Cinnamon. New Years. Favourite Holiday.
December 25

Just thought Id share with the world how Excited I am for the Christmas Holiday!! It will be Maikal's and my First Christmas together as a married couple and I cannot wait for all the fun we're going to have!! So much to do!

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Home Sweet Home
So I've FINALLY taken pictures of
our house!
I love it so much

Dining Area


Living Room
(plus husband)

Love the tacky 70's couch?
ya we do too ;)

Main Floor Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom
(one of my fav room's. so cute!)

Guest Bedroom

2nd Guest Bedroom
(also used for some storage)
This will be the Baby's room :)

Upstairs Hallway

Front Entrance

Creepy Unfinished Basement
Also the Laundry Room

Another Guest Bedroom

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Words cannot explain the excitement we had this day.
To know that we were about to physically see our
little baby on that black and white screen was overwhelming!

The Pre-rec's:
In order to do this test, your bladder needs to be full
I was instructed to empty my bladder 90 min before the appointment,
then drink 3 full glasses of water
Holy cow let me tell you....
I've never had to use the bathroom more in my entire life!
I thought I was going to burst!
It was to the point where it was painful
(ya not so fun)
When we arrived at the front desk,
I asked the lady if it was ok if I went to the bathroom.
She said I was aloud to release 1 cup
That 1 cup saved my life from a huge embarrassing moment
I'm sure of it.
All I did on the way to the Radiology centre was Pray
that nothing embarrassing would happen and also
that there would be some way to release some of this pain
Ask and ye Shall Receive People
There are not very many times in my life where I've really
Prayed for something and not get it
in one way or the other..

We then headed into the room
It was quite dark but very comfortable
Our Ultrasound lady was very kind and very helpful!
The whole thing was about 30 min
and the time just flew by
While she was rubbing my tummy
with that ultrasound wand thingy
Maikal and I kept our eyes on the screen
Every now and again we would see a glimpse of our heavenly creation
Although the pressure was uncomfortable at times,
I would do it again in a heart beat.
Once she was finished measuring
she slowed it down and showed us our baby!!
It's sooo beautiful!
To know that I'm the carrier for something so
important. Innocent. cute. and delicate
really showed me how important women are in this world

We are the gateway for life
We are the carriers of God's precious children
We are their Life Supports
We have one of the most important jobs in the entire world

It still blows my mind that this baby is
inside me and is seriously this big!
Here is a little sneak peak of what's soon
to bless our lives

I am now 20 weeks and actually starting to show!
The other day at work,
A lady came up to me and asked when I was due
I was sooo happy!
Now people see me as pregnant instead of maybe just fat haha

A few major changes have occurred...
You know that feeling when you haven't eaten
in literally 24 hours?
It's painful and uncomfortable
It almost feels like your stomach is about to eat itself
this is what I feel almost every morning!
It's so awful
I am way more hungry way more often
I'm really trying to keep my eating healthy and frequent
but sometimes the cravings get the better of me lol

baby is really starting to kick.
The other day Maikal was even able to feel it
for the first time!
Maikal was very excited and always tells
the baby that "he loves it very much"
super cute

Oh my goodness..
don't even get me started on the dreams!
It's seriously like going on a new adventure every night
It's pretty sweet actually :)

All in all...
Very good day.
Very good pregnancy.
Very good life.

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