Friday, August 30, 2013
Nail Polish

In this day and age, it feels like everywhere I go there is sex, drugs, violence, drama, depression, chaos, and war. It just makes me sad to think about all the crap that's happening. I feel like whenever I turn on the TV there is either Miley Cyrus grinding up on some man, and Vice Versa ( Robyn Thicke should be getting way more flak than Her, he's a married man with children! A 40 year old guy dry humping a little girl??? ya that's sick) sry anyways, or turning on the news to some terrible event thats happened to something, somewhere, or someone. I feel like I can't even go to a movie without there being nudity in it. It's almost like people think it NEEDS to be in there in order to make a movie good. I actually refuse to watch the news or read articles about the bad stuff that's happening because it just makes me sick inside!

But, yesterday was one of those days that left me hopeful. I was in line at the store to buy a single thing of nail polish. I was just about to pay when the man behind me puts down a few things and says to the clerk 'put her stuff on my tab please'. I was actually in shock for a second. This kind of thing has never happened to me so I've never felt this kind of kindness from some random stranger. I was SO happy that this gentle kind heart man was willing to pay for my little $4.00 nail polish just to be nice. I wasn't happy that he paid for it so I could save a couples bucks haha I was just so joyful to know that people like this do exist and it's happening everywhere.

I think it's important for people to know about the hard times that world is going through right now, so we are able to learn from other mistakes, to show compassion to the wounded and needy, and to take action when needed. But I do also believe that a lot of people nowadays are dwelling on the bad too much. I am the kind of person who see's a lot of bad stuff. Whether it's happening to me or the world, and sometimes it's really hard to focus on the good stuff. I've recently been trying to find the good things and focus more on what makes me happy instead of sad and I've really noticed a huge difference in my attitude.

There IS plenty of good in the world, sometimes it may be harder to see with all this nasty stuff surrounding it, but it's there. Just like when the flood hit Southern Alberta. Although my heart was hurting for everyone and everything that was affected, it also brought my heart great joy when I saw the responses to what was happening. It felt like all of Alberta was pitching in the help with this tragedy. I was seriously impressed.

So Im just going to encourage everyone who reads my blog to just try and think of all the amazing and good things that have happened to you. They don't have to be huge like going on a trip or making lots of many or stuff like that. Sometimes the little things are what matter most.
Like Buying someone's Nail Poish :)
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