Monday, April 29, 2013
Family Pictures

This past Saturday we had family pictures done! I am very happy with how they turned out! I think I may have made a mistake in straightening my hair for this shoot tho....the humidity made it all frizzy! We had our photo's done by Melinda Pike Photography and she did an amazing job!

ps..I have no idea why the photo uploading had made it so weird to post pictures! So they're kind of all over the place haha

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Best Dressed

There comes a time in every girls life when you just need the opinion of a woman. Maikal I love you, but you are not being very helpful when you say, "oh you look great in everything!".

So sometime soon we will be taking some family pictures, by Melinda Pike Photography, and I can't decide what to wear! I have my solid pieces (my yellow pants and my mint dress), but im having trouble picking what to wear with them! So I need your help in deciding what looks best! I've narrowed it down to a few pieces to make it easier :)

Ps don't mind my messy hair...
And I will be accessorizing with head pieces and jewellery! ;)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Growing up I knew I wanted children. I knew I wanted them 2 years apart because I thought it worked really well in my family. But, now that I actually have a kid, things are different than I thought they would be. It is no secret that Motherhood is hard. And I have so much respect for parents who have more than one kid close in age. I thought 4 kids was the absolute perfect number. But somedays, I literally go insane with just one!

After having Ben, I knew that for my next pregnancy, I wanted to actually TRY to have that baby. I wanted the thrill of waiting for those 2 pink lines on the prego stick, I wanted to surprise my husband in a cute way that we were expecting, I wanted to feel joy and excitement when it would be confirmed by the doctors. 

So the reason for this post is to ask parents out there.....How did you decide on a second child?

Because I am in a predicament right now. I would love to have my kids close together, but I just don't think I could handle it. But maybe lots of people think like that but they take the plunge anyways and they're glad they did. Ben is 14 months which means I would need to get prego soonish if I want them to be close. 

I have no desire for a second child right now, nor have I been prompted to have one. But is that a normal feeling? Did alot of you out there feel this way but decided to have another kid anyway just so they can be close or maybe just to be done with having kids sooner? Is having kids close in age easier or is it all the same? Maybe some of you loved having just the one for a while and it made everything easier having them older with a newborn??

I guess Im just worried that I will go into a deep depression again with the stress of taking care of a toddler and a newborn. Plus theres the whole, "we're in America so what if something goes wrong during pregnancy and we have to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for medical bills". 
(no offence America)

Im sorry there are just so many things going through my head about this! I feel like im all over the place lol. I just need some advice!

Monday, April 1, 2013
Easter. Family. The Point.

First of all...Happy Easter Everyone!! What a great day it has been!
Maikal's mother, 4 siblings, and 2 cousins came out to Hawaii!
I am so excited to show them our island :)

Today, we didn't really get to do an egg hunt, but that's alright, all we need is family and food to have a good time! We started the day out with church. Then we headed out to the girls house on the point to have a little pot luck. Ham, buns, potatoes, juice, pea's, and gravy. We then went on a little walk to the point. It's such a beautiful view!

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