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Friday, December 19, 2014
Basically I wanted to do this blog post based solely on Aurora's coat haha. I mean come on. Have you ever seen a cuter baby girl coat!!! I picked this up at a thrift shop and could not wait until she could fit it!!! For some reason, the tag doesn't say where it's from :( Sorry.

I seriously can't believe this weather we've been having this winter. It's amazing!!!!!! Best winter ever to start with from coming back from Hawaii :) Ben is so interested in snow and he loves to just walk in it. This christmas we will be taking him sledding for the first time ever and Im so excited!! so many winter games and fun to be had.

This year is my families turn for Christmas. Due to living in Hawaii, we weren't able to afford to come home last year. So I haven't had Christmas with my family for 3 whole years!!! I finished all my shopping today (yes I know, Im a procrastinator).  Uhhhh I love Christmas. It's the best time of year. Family, Friends, Food, Giving, Surprises, Winter Games, Birth of Christ, Celebrations, Hot Chocolate, Lights, Carolling, and so so much more!!!

Military Detail + Berry Lips

Thursday, December 11, 2014
As a red head, I am limited to certain colours of lip stick. Never in my life have I ever worn lip stick or pencil. But, I've seen the 'berry lip' become such a huge beauty trend this year and I am so in love with it!! I thought I would just give it a shot and see what the colour looked like against my hair and skin. I know it's pretty intense, but I really like it! It's actually a Lip Pencil not Lip stick. I prefer matte lips apposed to glossy. I think the lips really wrapped this outfit up.

 I bought this jacket a few years ago and haven't been able to wear it until now because we were living in Hawaii and never needed it! It was a bit snug, which made me sad. But once I get back in shape and eventually lose the baby weight it might fit perfectly again lol. Crossed fingers! It has this button detail that I am super in love with that reminds me of Military Buttons. It just adds that extra little something to the coat.

Also, I know you can't even tell, but I thought I would try a side fishtail in my hair. But alas, braids of any kid just don't show up as well as they do in Blondes. My hair just doesn't have the different high and low lights that can really make a braid visible. I will forever be jealous of Blonde hair for that reason. *sigh*

Coat - Suzy Shier

Pants - Jeans (comfiest pants every!)

Clutch - Calrelli Canada Brand. Vintage. Found it in a second hand shop

Lip Pencil - Revlon Colorstay in Plum

Worth It

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
A few weeks ago I came across this Blog Post or Article on Fb, I can't seem to find it again. But it really burned something into my brain that has had such a positive affect on me. There was one specific quote that I like to say to myself almost everyday single day. I don't know the exact wording but it went something like:

"The hardest things in life will be the most rewarding"

To me, this said that all of the hardest things that we are experiencing are going to bring us the most Joy. Im pretty sure the article was about kids. But for me it was so much more than that. It definitely made me think better about my life and about my kids and husband.

Raising children can be HARD
Going to School can be HARD
Applying for Dental school can be HARD
Getting healthy and working out can be HARD

There are some days that I just need a day without the kids. But then there are days where I just can't wait for them to wake up because Im so excited to see them.

There were days when I wouldn't see my husband all day long, sometimes even the night because he would be working so hard in school and it absolutely drained him.

We didn't get into Dental school the first round we applied, but we tried again and worked harder on all the applications.

These are hard things. But they are worth it.

And today, all of Maikals hard work is already starting to become worth it. Tonight, Maikal will be on a Plane going to his very first Dental School Interview!! We have prayed and prayed for this blessing to come over our home and we are beyond grateful to have this opportunity! Applications opened in June and Maikal was one of the first to apply. He has been preparing for weeks for this interview and I think he's going to nail it!

Of course the real Joy will come if we do get an acceptance. But right now we are just grateful for this little opening of hope for our future. I am so proud of my babe and all of the sacrifices he has done so far!

Stripes + Mustard

Saturday, December 6, 2014
If you know me, you know that I have an unhealthy obsession with Stripes. Probably 30% of my clothing is all stripes. I just love them. They have a certain interest and flavour to an outfit that I really like. And since Im a red head, anything in the colour mustard is awesome against my hair. So when the colour is in a hat..score!! I really like the combination of B&W stripes and Mustard anything.

And you's freaking cold outside!!!!! I could barely keep a straight face for all of these pictures. I felt my skin freezing in place. BRRRRR! Doing outfit posts will be a little tougher than I thought in the winter. So you can expect lots of big coats, tall boots, and oversized scarves in the future!

Dem Lashes Tho

Friday, December 5, 2014
About two weeks ago I had my first ever eyelash extensions!! A friend of mine was getting her certification for Lash Extension and I volunteered to be her guinea pig for the day! I've always wanted to have these done but could never bring myself to pay the cost. But I might just reconsider now that I can see the difference. And Im not one to wear make-up everyday and these really made a difference in the way I look. Usually my lashes are non-existent. They are really blonde and short so they are basically invisible. It's so nice to just leave the house and not worry about how I look so much.

So if you are looking to get some lashes done then go see my friend Janessa Hendry in Lethbridge and she will do a fantastic job! She is also a very talented make-up artist whom I have worked with for a couple shoots. See Here for our session together.

Coconut Oil Treatment

Friday, November 28, 2014
Today I am going to Blog about a simple Coconut Oil Treatment for your hair! I have really thick, really course, really dry, really long, really curly hair. If you couldn't already tell. So keeping my hair hydrated is really important to keep my hair healthy and looking great.

I swear, living in Hawaii for 2 years healed my hair. The humidity was so great. Even though it got pretty puffy, it was so much better than this dry Canadian air. So I knew I would need to do some kind of 'at home' treatment because, lets be honest, I don't have the time nor money to get my hair professionally treated. I saw this on Pinterest and I knew I had to try it. Coconut Oil is so good for so many reasons. 2 of the most important for hair is it's amazing hydrating and frizz control benefits! Which for my hair type, is exactly what I need.

(ps. I have the regular stuff you would buy at Costco. It's like $20 or something. Way more affordable than going to a salon!)

I usually do this treatment about twice a month. Like I said, this treatment is ridiculously simple, and the outcome is outstanding for me. So here is what you do:

Step 1: Comb or brush your hair. I prefer to do this treatment on my dry hair, but Im sure you can do it on wet or damp hair also.

Step 2: I like to heat my oil up in the microwave. It's easier to apply I find. Plus heat opens up your hair follicles. 

Step 3: Run Oil ALL over your hair. I personally lean over the bath tub and flip my hair over and take small sections at a time.

Step 4: Once hair is covered, throw your hair up in a poly tail or clip it up. You can also choose to put a bag over your head to avoid dripping and also to help keep the heat in. Sometimes I do this, sometimes not. I like to leave my oil in for 1-1.5 hours.

Step 5: Wash your hair. For me, it takes 2 washes to get it all out.

So simple right??

You can choose to style your hair like you normally would, but I like to let it air dry and continue to 'heal' without any heat or product.

And there you have it!! I LOVE the feeling it gives to my hair. So soft and it smells so good! It keeps it healthy and hydrated and keeps my curls in tact.

If you guys have 'At home' treatments that you think have been affective, I would LOVE to hear about them! I'm always looking for different ways to treat my hair :)

Have a great weekend! And happy Black Friday!

Shop The Blanket Thief

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Hey everyone!

So today I wanted to tell you guys all about my amazing cousin. Her name is Cherisa Smith and she is ridiculously talented. She just opened up an Etsy shop for stunning handmade blankets and quilts!! Seriously, they are amazing. I will definitely be owning some in the future. They are so unique and incredibly well made and the fabrics she uses are just dang adorable and trendy. So go check her out! (links below)

She is currently doing a Black Wednesday and Thursday SALE!! 30% off by using the code BLACKWEDNESDAY at the checkout!! Hurry and check out her etsy page and/or follow her on Instagram @shoptheblanketthief

Instagram: @shoptheblanketthief

Coping with Two

Sunday, November 23, 2014
Time for a post about the kiddo's!
Ok, so i know this post is soooo long overdue. But at least Im getting around to it right??

Being a Mom of two...that's right, TWO.. kids has been a great experience so far. In my opinion, this is WAY easier than having one, for the most part. I suppose because I had no clue what I was doing and the first is just SUCH a shock to your system. I now know what to expect and how to handle things, again, for the most part. Our days are definitely more busy and sometimes I feel like I just can't keep up with everything. Cleaning, keepings the kids happy, making meals, my photography, all while setting time aside for myself so I don't go insane. My days absolutely fly by! But it really has been good :) By this time I was already in my post partum depression and it just plain old sucked! But I love my life. I have a fun and energetic little boy and a beautiful, funny, happy little girl. My heart is so full.

The Boy:

-Ben is 2.5 years old now and is learning more words everyday. He is getting better at communicating with us, which is so great because he will now use words instead of screams.
-We are currently learning colours and letters and numbers. He's doing....alright.
-He is STILL not potty trained. He is nuts. He will go on the potty sometimes. But if he has anything on his bottom (underwear or pants or pullup) he will just go in that. Sometimes he will hold it in until he has his diaper on for nap! I have no idea what to do. We've tried treats. Maybe we will do presents. ( i will just rewrap all his toys he already has lol).
-He still takes naps (2 hours) and sleeps 11-12 hours at night.
-He loves anything electronic.
-His favourite toys are cars.
-One of my favourite things he does is; whenever he gets in trouble or gets caught doing something naughty, he will run up to you and give you a big hug and kiss. I mean, it's so hard to punish him after that! He's a clever one.
-He is a pro swimmer (with floaties). I thank Hawaii for that.

Currently Im not super loving his hair. But I have no idea what style to do to it. Maybe a faded hair cut?? I don't know. His hair is just so hard to keep nice with it this length.

He was King Max for Halloween this year and I about died from his adorableness!

The Girl:

-5 months old. I have no idea her weight. But she's little.
-We attempted food this week. Mistake. She's been up all night for the past 2 nights just trying to get it out. So so so fussy. But she got it all out today! During Church. ya I had to throw that onesie in the garbage. And of course I didn't bring any extra clothes. But thanks goodness for great sisters in my ward who have extra baby clothes in their diaper bag! She also took a short bath in the mothers lounge sink haha. Classy.
-I had her sleeping through the night at 2.5 months old. But then at about 3.5 months she came down with a super bad fever so that kinda messed her up. It took a week to get her back on schedule and sleeping again. But then 2 days later we left for Utah and that REALLY screwed her up. AND once we got back she got another fever. So it's been pretty brutal. We are currently still trying to get her back on schedule so she sleeps again. She is currently in bed for 12 hours and waking 2 times to feed and she takes 3-4 naps a day.
-She has the cutest smile and laugh.
-She drools like no other and is always chewing on something
-She is still a tummy girl and she is getting better at being on her back
-She LOVES other babies. 
-We are still nursing
-She wants to crawl SO BAD. She is always scootching and trying to get up on her knees. She's an active one!
-no sign of any teeth yet
-She is just finding her toes and playing with them
-and, shes basically the cutest thing ive ever seen.

I love my kids and I hope they grow to be great friends.
Ben tried to play with her and she sometime responds.
But she always smiles when he enters the room!
Having one of each gender is so wonderful.
I get the best of both worlds!

Love them!

A Simple Winter Staple

Thursday, November 20, 2014
As much as I hate the cold, I love the clothes that come with it. I absolutely love sweaters. LOVE THEM! Especially big ones. They are so comfy and warm and they are a definite staple in my winter closet. And I love that you can pair them with flats and make it casual or dress it up a bit with a heel. This sweater is from joe (aka Superstore). Has anyone else noticed that joe has REALLY stepped up their game in their clothing the past few years!?? Because I most definitely have. They have THE cutest things. Especially for kids! It may be my new favourite place to shop. Everything is so affordable and they have the biggest selection ever. I hope everyone is excited for Christmas, because I AM!!!! I haven't had Christmas in Canada for 2 years and I can barely hold back my excitement! I only have like 5 weeks left to shop....Id better get a move on.

Cozy Chic

Sunday, October 26, 2014
I love love love a good baggy sweater/cardigan!!! And again, I love me a good brown boot for Fall. As of late, I've been getting into Hats. I never wear hats because my hair is so big and thick so they don't usually fit on my head properly. But I've decided I need to put more effort into making it work because I think they just finish off a look so well! Soon we will be heading down to Utah for my Brother in Law's wedding and I can't wait for the weather down there because, seriously, it's about to snow here and Im a little upset about it. I hear so many good things about Utah Fall weather and I can't wait to show you guys some pictures of our trip. So stay tuned!

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