Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I think it is about time that I introduce everyone to Megabed!
Here it is...
so beautiful....so wonderful....so amazing...

Unfortunately this is not a real life size bed
We actually put together one Queen and one Twin bed together to create Megabed!

"Why?" you may ask..
well let me tell you

We don't like to be touched when we are sleeping
We need our own little space where we can just sleep in any position we want!
We are very similar in the way we sleep,
but this may not be a good thing.
Due to our similarity in sleep comfort,
it causes problems when we are put into a bed smaller than a King Size.
Waking up every time your spouse twitches, adjusts, talks in their sleep, snores, etc,
was causing an extreme lack of sleep for the both of us.
Since we couldn't afford a King, we just decided to make Megabed.
We were doing very well on just the Queen for a bit,
But once I started getting bigger and more uncomfortable
I really needed extra sleeping space.
But obviously when the baby comes we will need to make more room by
getting rid of the Twin bed.
We're hoping it will be fine lol...

There is an intense need for some decorating I know....
But I've been kinda busy focusing on the baby's room.
And if you are wondering...
Yes. This bed does go from wall to wall :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

This past week I've decided that since I have all this free time on my hands {I am now on Mat Leave} then I was going to be productive and try to get everything ready for when the baby comes. As I started my list, so many things just popped into my head as I was writing things down. My list is way bigger than I thought it was going to be, but I still have 2 months to finish it all.

Here is my list....so far:

Clean/Organize Baby's Room
Decorate Baby's Room
Get the Ready-to-Go bag for the Hospital
Buy Necessity Baby Stuff
Clean/Organize Storage Room
Paint this Sweet Mirror I found at a Thrift Store
Hang the Rest of our Wedding Pictures
Make Pre-Made Suppers
Find and Buy Rocking Chair
More Exercise {Perhaps Swimming}
Maternity Pictures :)
Decide on Names for our Baby
{We are pretty set on first names, but the middle names are tough}
Attempt to Make Bread/Buns

And then on top of that, there is also the Daily Chores:

Basic Cleaning

And then on top of that! I still need to make time to:

Hang with friends and family
Watch my TV Shows
Eat and Sleep
And of course....Mentally prepare myself for having this baby

So Today, I have officially checked off one thing on my list! I have Pre-Made some Lasagna's! I assume that I will be busy with the baby and Maikal will be busy with school and work. These will definitely come in handy. I also plan on making some Pre-Made Chili as well :)


Thumbs up for Productivity!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lucky is the word I would use to describe 'My Pregnancy'

Growing up, I have always imagined that when I was
to become pregnant, that it would be really tough.
And when I say 'Tough', I mean having to deal with...

Constant Nausea
Running to the Bathroom {what seems like} every 15 min
Aches and Pains
Breast Soreness
Stretch Marks
Shortness of Breathe
Gaining Alot of Weight
Lack of sleep
Heart Burn
And of course the worry of my child being Healthy

I'm sure there are plenty more Tough Things
that happen while women are pregnant.
Lucky for me, I have barely even had to
deal with any of these things.

In the beginning,
Yes. I was Moody for a couple days
Yes. I had Breast Soreness for a few weeks
Yes. I woke up 3-4 times a night to use the bathroom
And Yes. I worried about the Health of our child
But nothing else.

By the 2nd Trimester,
No... {ok maybe a little} ...moodiness
No breast soreness
No running to the bathroom
But unfortunately, Yes, there did appear stretch marks!
I am alot more careful with lotioning now lol..

I am now in my 3rd Trimester -YIKES-
I am becoming more and more short of breathe
I have started to Waddle a bit...hehe
The only Aches and Pains I am
having to endure are the bones around my
hips and pelvic region.
They have started to spread to make room for the baby to come
And, I am finding it more difficult to find a
comfy position to sit and sleep in.

Although all of these things are happening,
They are by no means Intense.
Like I said...Lucky
I have truly been blessed
I thank God every night that I've had
a Healthy and Easy pregnancy so far.
Now all I'm asking for is that it can finish nice and easy ;)

Now for the Awesome part of Pregnancy...

Feeling the baby move is by far the Best Thing Ever!
At first there were just little kicks every once and a while
Now, I feel it's bum, head, feet, hands, and back
moving all over the place
I love when it stretches. Opposite sides of my tummy will expand
and looks and feels super neat!
I can even feel around and find where it is if I press hard enough

Maikal and I were talking the other day
and discussed what we would do if
we were in each others bodies for a day.
My thoughts of course would be that
I would want to know what it's like
to Pee standing up haha
But what he said was sooo cute...
He said that he would just sit and feel the baby move
all day long
He always wants to know when he/she is kicking
so that he can feel it :)
In fact, sometimes, when he's away at school all day...
then comes home, he will just start talking
and the baby will start kicking and playing around.
I love that our baby can already recognize his/her Daddy's voice

Now that my belly is getting bigger
it is pushing my belly button further and further out!
Here is a picture of how it looks.
Kinda weird looking..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

As a gift, one of Maikal's friends, Danny, gave Maikal this magnet toy because he knew how much he loved to play with them. For those of you who don't know what im talking about, these magnets are single ball magnets. There are about 216 of these little balls and they can form into a numerous amount of shapes. To people who are total fiddlers, this little toy is fantastic :)
So this one time, Maikal and Jesse decided to put them on their faces and make them look like piercings. And I have to say, they are pretty convincing!

Im not one who is attracted to
men with piercings.
So to see this picture is a
little tough for me haha

The eyebrow was a little morphed.
The magnets are so strong that it
pulled too much of Jesse's eyebrow up.
But it still looks neat I think

And of course, the Bull Ring

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