Monday, July 16, 2012
First Bites

This past week, Benjamin has stopped sleeping through the night. My cousin Radelle had the same situation happen with her little girl and she said that once she gave her some food, she was back to sleeping through the night again. So we thought we would give this a shot!
There were some Avocado's in the fridge so we smooshed that up and let him have a taste!
His facial expressions were the best part! He kept trying to suck on the spoon :)
He didn't get much down. He kept pushing it back out of his mouth, but for his first time I think he did pretty well! After a few bites he seemed to quite enjoy the taste :)
Some people might think that at 4.5 months he is too early to be given food. But I think every baby is different and they will let you know when they are ready. All you have to do is see the signs!

Just realizing that this stuff is actually pretty yummy!

"YUM give me more!"

Monday, July 9, 2012
Fun In The Sun

This week is the Atwood Family Reunion (Maikal's Mother's side).
One of my absolute favourite things about Magrath is their outdoor Slip'n'Slide!!
It is seriously the best!!
We even took Ben down it and he Loved it :) I was worried that the water would be too cold but it was just so dang hot out that it felt so nice.

He loves his Daddy :)

Like Maikal's Handlebar Moustache?? 


Ben took a nice nap in the Tent that Mani and Soren lent us.
I definitely need one for Hawaii.

Our New Ride!!
1995 Kawasaki Ninja
Super Retro Colours....not the biggest of the purple and teal fan but Maikal loves it :)

Can you tell we love Stripes? lol

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