Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's true. We are Pregnant!!! So crazy to even think about. I mean...I'm going to be called 'MOM'!
As many of you know, we weren't planning on having kids for a while, but I guess God has made other plans for us. And of course we prefer God's plan because, well, it's just better in every way right! So here is how the story went.....

It was about 3 weeks ago that I started to feel a bit more...emotional. It was on a Sunday that the thought came to me that I might actually be prego! It all started at church. (please keep in mind that my hormones were raging and I wasn't in my right mind lol...) Ok so just after sacrament, one of the bishop's counsellor's came up to us and said, "well you 2 have been in our ward for about 1 month now, and what better way for everyone to get to know you better than to give A TALK!!"
Every single person on this planet KNOWS that I hate public speaking.....with a passion I might add. It may be an irrational fear, but it is definitely in my top 3 of most terrifying fears! Anyways....
After hearing this news, we headed to sunday school where I sat there in SO much anger that I just blurted out (quietly) to Maikal that I hated this ward! (please remember the hormones! I promise I'm never like that!) So I stood up and left and just sat on the sidewalk beside the church and just cried for 1 1/2 hours! And it didn't stop there, I was on and off all day, and it even continued on till the next 2 days. It was awful people. I know some of you, if not most, are laughing to yourselves about this, and who could blame you? I even laugh about it! It was so ridiculous!
Ok so later that week, I noticed that I was getting more and more late. This is extremely odd because I am NEVER late. Ever. So of course this scared me. I kept thinking to myself "oh my body is still adjusting to 'married life' ;) lol. But of course the thought that I was pregnant would not leave my mind. Also, one of those nights, I totally had a baby dream! I gave birth to a little baby girl and it was so weird! I woke up thinking, WHAT THE CRAP! I have never ever had a baby dream in my entire life. I told Maikal about it and he said, 'Britt, I think you may be pregnant'. I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of his mouth, and mine as well! 'Maybe Im Pregnant!' So the next day, I went out and bought a First Response pregnancy test. After doing to whole procedure, the results had one solid line and one faded. My first reaction was, I think that means I'm not prego. But then I kept second guessing because of that second faded line. So we went out and bought 3 more! I know. Crazy. but I wanted to make sure. So we decided to go with 'Clear Blue' instead. And I 100% recommend this one because it actually says in words, 'pregnant. not pregnant.' and also tells you how far along you are. So once again I did the procedure. Waiting for that 1 minute felt like forever. But as you all know, the results said 'pregnant. 3+ weeks'. I instantly started to cry. It came as such a shock! I could not believe my eyes! How did this happen! Well..I know HOW it happened haha. I guess we are the 2% that get's prego when being safe! haha. Or else......God must have REALLY wanted us to have this baby.
I have kept this thought of God really wanting us to get pregnant in my mind every single day. This baby is obviously going to be very important for us. Children are gifts from God and women are the gateways of life and I am so happy that I get to have the experience of growing a human life inside me and bringing it into this world!
So after we found out, people instantly started to suspect that we were prego. I don't know how they did! We were really trying to be very quiet about it. But maybe it was due to us telling people that BYU Hawaii was maybe not going to happen. Or maybe it was Maikal asking where he can find a doctor. Dead giveaway in my opinion haha!
So as the days went by, too many people were starting to wonder and it was killing us inside to keep this a secret! So we decided that we needed to tell our parents before anyone else suspected anything! All my life I always had the idea I wanted to tell my parents in a very creative way. We were having a hard time thinking of something. So this one sunday, we were sitting beside Hailey, (and she knew because I told her in the beginning because I really needed a woman to talk to, but not my mom because I wanted it to be a surprise) and she leaned over and said that 'you guys should walk in with my brother cody and have him wear a shirt saying JUST CALL ME UNCLE'. And I thought that was so clever! So I expanded on that Idea and decided to buy everyone a shirt and right on them their new names (Grandma, Grandpa, uncle, aunt, etc). Fun right!
Ok so hear is how the 'telling day' went.
We went up to Drayton for a day 'just to come for a visit'. Cody and Chelsie weren't there of course because they live in other cities. but my dad was there and my mom, becca, and savannah were going to be a little later. The wait to so nerve wracking!! I was so excited for them to walk through that door. So once they finally did....I told them that I had found these really cute shirts that I bought for them. but they weren't aloud to open them separately, only at the same time. So Maikal and I handed them out and said GO. Holy man my heart hasn't beat that hard in so long. We were so excited! ok anyways...So they looked at their shirts. And there was one split second of puzzlement, and then BAM! They all looked at us at the same time, and at this second Maikal and I opened our sweaters and revealed our shirts which said 'Mommy and Dad'. They all screamed with excitement and shock! But my Mom's expression was by far the best. She NEVER gets surprised. She is always the one that knows exactly whats coming. But we sure got her good. And of course as well as the rest of my fam. by this point my mom and becca as well as Maikal were on their phones telling the rest of the world that were are expecting. It was such a fun night and everyone has been so supportive and loving! We are so happy and can't wait for this baby!

Later on.....
This past tuesday, we were able to get into our first doctors appointment! It was so exciting! I took a couple tests and the results said that I was 7 weeks and our due date is March 29th 2012!!! So far I have had no sickness or discomfort in any way. Although, I do need to use the bathroom quite a bit more often, especially at night. Totally sucks FYI. And also I have had a loss of appetite. I get hungry, but I find I can't eat as much as I use to. Also, beef=yuck now. I can't stand the smell or the taste. And of course I am way more tired. I guess that's what happen's when you're growing a baby!!

Well, that's all I have for right now. And we will keep you posted on appointments, how I'm feeling and of course belly growing pictures!!!


  1. I LOVE this story!! So cute...and so exactly what happened to us(even down to the crying on and off all day, and it was a sunday...and the weird dreams!) God does have a plan for you that you don't even know...but it turned out great for us, kids are SO awesome...and looking back now, I'm glad that we didn't wait...we just needed a little push! lol....congrats guys!!

  2. I love this story Brittany! Even though you don't think you are great at public speaking, you sure are great at telling stories! I was hanging on to every word!! Congrats!

  3. Thanks girlies!! I can't wait to post more things that I will be experiencing! And hopefully they're only the good and normal things lol.

  4. Awesome story! I'm so excited and happy for you! Being married with babies is the best!!
    Cuz Raquel

  5. BRITTANY!! CONGRATS!!! Hahah, I'm soooo happy for you and Maikal, you're going to be great parents! Thanks for sharing this story on your blog :)


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