Friday, September 9, 2011
A couple weeks ago we were told that we were accepted into the Westside Co-op Housing! We are able to move in as soon as the carpets are replaced and the walls are painted. We would have been able to move in sooner, but the lady that lived there before us had decided that a Dark Purple living room was the way to go. Apparently she wasn't thinking about how many coats of paint it would take to fully cover that up. But anyways, we are very happy that we are moving!! Don't get me wrong, the Northside is happenin'. But the Westside is so much closer to the University (like walking distance).

And of course the best part.....
We will be right across the street from
Sydney and Brandon,
just down the road from
AND a couple blocks away from
Nicole and Andrew!
If we were to stay on the Northside,
we would have been a couple blocks away from
Stacey and Scott!

It is so fantastic to have the people
you love
living so close to you!
Im thinking there will be a lot of....
-games nights
-group temple trips
-joint FHE
Seriously can't wait!

Now that September has started, that usually means 2 very important things.
1) Start of School
2) Summer has ended
I would have to say that Sept is definitely not a
happy month for most.
But their are those few people who love to learn and who also
prefer the colder weather. Those people....
are not us.
We love to not have Schools screw us over just to make more
money off of us. Homework, groups, all-nighters, and crazy profs
are not exactly something to be excited least for us haha.

Lucky me. I've decided
not to go back to school this fall.
It is the first time i'ver taken
any time off since high school.
Plus, growing a baby sure takes
a lot out of a person.
Maikal is doing his pre-rec's for
Dental School and it looks like
it's going to be a
tough semester. But knowing my
wonderful Husband, he can
handle it :)

Baby Update.
-I am 11 1/2 weeks
-Our baby is the size of a Lime
-It still loves to make me
pee like a racehorse

The size of our little creation.

Sometimes I like to think im
But I know it's all gas and bloating.
I cant wait to have a belly!


  1. Hey! I'm a friend of Maikal's. We met for 2 seconds at Tiff's wedding. Cute blog. I love your belly pictures. You are so clever to hold the fruit with your belly. I've only ever seen the two ideas separate. Congrats on the baby on the way :)

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