Monday, March 19, 2012
A New Life

Being a new mom has alot of up's and down's for sure.
I have learnt soooo much in these past 3 weeks
and I know I still have so much more to learn!

A few Up's are:
~Being able to hold a small baby everyday.
{ I love holding babies :) }
~All the funny expressions Ben makes
~Watching him laugh and smile makes my heart warm and full of happiness
~Having other people google over him
~Being able to show him off ;)
~Knowing that I've brought forth one of God's precious children to this earth
~Dressing him up!
~Having him fall asleep in my arms or on my chest
~He sleeps alot of the day so im able nap :)
~And of course the fact that we've made one Cute Baby!

A few Down's are:
~He's still not nursing properly.
~Nursing in general is not my fav. We are really messy at it! By the end
of a feeding we are both covered in milk! But im hoping
we'll get better at it lol. Not to mention that it can be painful at times. And
also the fact that it takes forever for him to get full.
~Very little sleep. His nights and days are mixed so he's usually up for
most of the night. Makes for alot of naps for me ;)
~Yucky dirty diapers
~He is a very noisy sleeper! We plan to move him to
his own room once we get a baby monitor.

At the moment Maikal and I are both exhausted.
He takes the 11pm-1am shift with Ben.
Then I take the rest of the night.
Maikal is still in school so I thought it would be best for
us that I take the majority of the night taking care of Ben.

Ben is now 3 weeks old and he's getting so big!
Time is just FLYING by.
Most of my days are spent feeding him, laundry, cleaning, and naps.

At 3 weeks Ben can:
-Lift himself up very high
-Smile and laugh {usually in his sleep}
-Can stand for a total of 1 second
-Drink from a Bottle
-Properly nursed a few days ago for 10 whole minutes! So proud :)

I know these are very little things, but I thought I would just give everyone a small update on what he's been doing and how he is progressing.

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