Thursday, May 31, 2012
Happy Birthday to Me!

I love my Birthday.
I love having breakfast made for me right when I wake up.
I love playing Monopoly Deal.
I love putting on make-up and doing my hair.
I love going to Moxie's.
I love seeing family and friends.
I love not having to take care of any dirty diapers or waking up in the night to take care of Benjamin.
I love my hunky husband for making all this possible.

One of my Besties Sydney.

Isn't he just gorgeous ;)

Sisters <3

This was only 1 of the tables. There were 3 in total.
Lowry get-togethers are usually enormous! 

Maikal took a picture of his hand when we were 
playing monopoly deal. Super Sucky haha.

He made me bacon, eggs, pancakes, and orange juice.
So wonderful <3 <3 <3

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