Monday, June 18, 2012


For some time now I've really wanted to go to Waterton, and on Saturday we finally got the chance to go! It wasn't the best weather but it wasn't the worst either. A bunch of our friends came as well and we  decided to climb bear's hump. And Im not going to lie....I wanted to die!! I haven't been working out much since having Benjamin, so it felt like it went on forever and ever! And the incline felt SO steep. But I made it and Im happy I did :)

This sling was very uncomfortable. It wraps around the neck instead of the painful!

Soren, Mani, and Asher. They are staying with us for the summer :)

This picture reminded us of the movie 'what to expect when expecting" haha

I know it looks like he's on the very edge, but he's not I promise!
There is another big ledge right below where Maikal is standing.

Can you tell it was windy? I almost blew right over! You pretty much had to crawl on the ground to get somewhere.

This is Andrew's pet squirrel. And yes, the tail did get in his mouth haha. gross.

The group.

The kidlets <3

His first driving lesson. he did very well :)

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