Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Not So Fun Fair

This past Saturday our school put on a little Fair.

jungle gyms
blow-up obstacle courses

But it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt....

So we come up to this one booth that had 3 bowls of Hot Peppers. Hot, Very Hot, and Extreme Hot. I thought to myself, I've had hot peppers before and it really wasn't that bad! Little did I know that these weren't at all like what i've eaten in the past. So I chose the Hot Pepper. I put the whole pepper into my mouth and it wasn't so bad at first, but just a few seconds later, the real heat hit struck me hard..... and I mean hard!!
Instantly tears came to my eyes and I started to sweat! The heat was so overwhelming that I was kind of out of it! They had little chocolates on the table to help with the heat, but it wasn't enough....I felt like I was dying!

Luckily Maikal had boughten a full thing of Cotton Candy just before coming to this booth. So I just started downing that Cotton Candy like nobody's business! (in case you didn't know, sugar and milk are the best things for hot foods like these). We searched for a fountain and were lucky to be close to one on campus. PHEW! Man did that cold water and sugar ever feel fantastic in my mouth.

The pain was still there but it was bearable to the point where I could just move on and hopefully never make a mistake like that ever again!
About 5 minutes, my stomach felt funny.....the sound of loud gurgles started to happen which lead to something very horrible.........I needed to get to a bathroom...and fast!!! Let me tell you....if you ever need to clean out your system, a hot pepper will very much do it for you haha.
Needless to say we had to cut the night short and go home.
Talk about a Party Pooper ;)

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