Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Dream Big

One of our big dreams is to build a house!
You could say I have expensive taste, but much of these pictures are very exaggerated!
Alot of my dreams have come true in the past 2 years

  • Got proposed to in the perfect way with the perfect ring
  • Married the man of my dreams
  • Blessed with an extremely adorable baby....even though he was unexpected ;)
  • Moved to a tropical island
  • And these are only a few....
So why not have my dream house!??

But something that Maikal and I have been talking alot about is what we want in a house.
We would love to settle down in Alberta where its close to family and friends. 
We want to build our house just outside of a city or town where its surrounded by trees and fields.
OK so here are some picture to better describe what we have been dreaming of!

I love english, spanish kind of feel to the outside of the house
We love love love pillars and balconies
And yes I know these kinds of houses are like millions of dollars,
but this is just the style I want :)
It doesn't necessarily have to be this big....
even though it would be nice!

We want a big open, tall roofed living room
We love open space!

We need to have a big dining table
Both our side have huge 'get-togethers' and it would be
so nice to seat everyone around a nice big table :)
And again...tall ceilings!

We dream of a double staircase when you first walk into the front door.
soooo beautiful.....*sigh*

I need a large open kitchen with plenty of counter space!
And I just loved this Idea with the other side of the counter as a bench space.

Who doesn't want secret rooms?
I know we will have at least 2.

Oh the walk in closet....every girls dream...

We would really love to have this coming up to my house :)
So whimsical! 

And of course I want a large backyard!
I love hosting big parties!

So am I dreaming Big?? Ya maybe..
But dreams do come true!!!

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