Sunday, July 21, 2013
Love You

Maikal, it is your birthday today. We are a million miles away from each other and it hurts to know that I won't see your handsome face for 5 more weeks. But I am dedicating this post to you. The most wonderful man I have ever met. The most caring and sharing. The most loving. The most intelligent. The most logical. The most spiritual.

Maikal, I love you because:

you put God above all else

your family is extremely important to you

you work incredibly hard to be successful in your schooling

you make sure we are being taken care of physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially

you still hold my hand every night when we go to sleep and every morning when we wake up

you are an equal partner in raising our child

you still want to be close and cuddle with me (even tho sometimes i dont haha)

you let me buy whatever I want no matter what the cost ;)

you know how to have fun

you love to travel and be spontaneous

you love to dance with me when a sweet song comes on

you like to challenge yourself and learn as much as you can

you have great ambition and determination

you have so many different skills

you are the friend everyone wants to be with

you make me the happiest I have ever been

Happy 28th Birthday Old Man

I love you!

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