Sunday, September 29, 2013
 It's not about the Nail

I don't know if any of you have seen this video clip.
If not, watch it right now because it will make this
post make a lot more sense haha.
(click on the 'this' to see clip)

Today was kind of a rough day.
I felt angry all day and my temper would just flare at any given moment.
I was sitting down, just ranting to Maikal. 
I wanted to rant to someone just for the sake of ranting. 
It feels good in a lot of ways. 
And Im sure most women can relate to that. 

If you get a bunch of Women in a room together
all talking about something they have trouble with 
or just talking about something or someone they dislike
then it all just turns into a big ball of emotion 
passing from one to person to another
We understand each other, 
we feel each others pain, 
we can relate in one way or another 
and we LOVE to just talk about it. 

Maikal and I have watched that clip over and over again because it's soooo funny! 
And the reason it's funny is because it is SO TRUE! 
Women don't want to hear about how they need to fix what's bothering us, 
we just want to be heard sometimes! 
(And Im not trying to generalize women in this way, this is just what Ive noticed in many)

So the reason for this post is to share the moment today that left both of us in tears from laughing so hard. Again, I was just ranting to Maikal about stupid things, and he just sits there and nods and says, "that sounds so hard hunny". While saying this he has the biggest smirk on his face. I turn to him and say " YA! It IS har......wait...hang on....!" Then we both start bursting into laughter! We JUST became those two people in that clip. Like the EXACT conversation. I didn't even notice at first just because it was what I wanted to hear from him. No fixing of any sort. But that's just not like him to say that so the fact that he tried so incredibly hard not to say anything but those few words is just hilarious to me. We were seriously rolling on the floor laughing at each other and at ourselves.

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