Military Detail + Berry Lips

Thursday, December 11, 2014
As a red head, I am limited to certain colours of lip stick. Never in my life have I ever worn lip stick or pencil. But, I've seen the 'berry lip' become such a huge beauty trend this year and I am so in love with it!! I thought I would just give it a shot and see what the colour looked like against my hair and skin. I know it's pretty intense, but I really like it! It's actually a Lip Pencil not Lip stick. I prefer matte lips apposed to glossy. I think the lips really wrapped this outfit up.

 I bought this jacket a few years ago and haven't been able to wear it until now because we were living in Hawaii and never needed it! It was a bit snug, which made me sad. But once I get back in shape and eventually lose the baby weight it might fit perfectly again lol. Crossed fingers! It has this button detail that I am super in love with that reminds me of Military Buttons. It just adds that extra little something to the coat.

Also, I know you can't even tell, but I thought I would try a side fishtail in my hair. But alas, braids of any kid just don't show up as well as they do in Blondes. My hair just doesn't have the different high and low lights that can really make a braid visible. I will forever be jealous of Blonde hair for that reason. *sigh*

Coat - Suzy Shier

Pants - Jeans (comfiest pants every!)

Clutch - Calrelli Canada Brand. Vintage. Found it in a second hand shop

Lip Pencil - Revlon Colorstay in Plum

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