Thursday, February 27, 2014
Ben's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Ben's 2nd birthday!!! I can't believe we made it haha.
All day I was just remembering all about his birth. It seriously blows my mind that 2 years has past since then. He has grown into such a cute little man and he is learning so much.

Here's just some things about him:

*He has dirty blonde hair that is getting way too long. We'll be cutting it probably this week. That will be a whole new blog post in of itself.
*I have no idea how much he weighs or how tall he is. But he looks pretty average to me.
*He can say a lot of words. He can basically repeat anything you can say, so watch yourself! He can't put together sentences though. The most words he can put together is probably 3.
*We are slowly potty training him. He does really well and tells us when he's peeing or pooping, but we just don't make it in time for the potty.
*He LOVES his sweets and junk food. He's a pretty picky eater.
*His favourite toys to play with are cars, trucks, and dinosaurs.
*He loves other kids and does pretty well with them
*He sleeps anywhere from 12-14 hours a night (uninterrupted) and takes 2 hour naps.
*His favourite activity is probably swimming in the ocean
*He can fold his arms for prayers
*He is very ticklish
*He doesn't like wearing clothes and absolutely hates wearing shoes. This will definitely be a problem when we move back. He is going to freeze!
*He is doing better at being quiet during the first hour of church. He absolutely loves nursery. He doesn't even look back to say goodbye when we drop him off haha.
*He does not like to sit still. We can't watch a movie, go to dinner, or sit with friends without him going crazy and running all over the place.
*When he knows he's done something wrong he will say sorry, cry, then go in for a hug. It's pretty cute.
*He loves to watch cartoons. We actually had to cut him off because he was getting too obsessed

Im sure theres more stuff about him but this list is getting too long

So for his birthday we just invited some of his friends over and I made some yummy snacks!
The kids were so happy and screaming with laughter. Ben loves his friends and he had the best time!
When it was time to blow out his candles, he was actually afraid of the fire and Maikal had to blow them out.

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