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Friday, September 5, 2014
As promised I am going to dedicate this whole post to my sweets! I feel like a need to write about so much because so much has happened this summer! But one at a time...

Once upon a time I became pregnant with a little baby girl. I was super uneasy about how I felt about raising a girl. I loved having a little boy and I had no idea what was in store with a girl. But once I gave birth I was overcome with joy for her!! I mean how could I not...look at that face!! She was so little and looked just like her daddy. Her most 'daddy' looking feature is her nostrils haha. Those things are huge! She still has dark curly hair (with some red undertone) and brown eyes with long skinny fingers and toes. She is Lowry.

It's bitter/sweet watching her grow. I want my teensie weensie baby back with her sleep cuddles! But I love watching her grow. She is starting to get personality and I love it. She smiles with her whole entire face and I die everytime. She has always been really good at lifting her head up and she started rolling at about 4-5 weeks old. She's a strong one. She is also super smiley! It's my fav! Ben didn't start smiling till about 8 weeks and she was busting out the gums at about 3 weeks.

As far as the sleeping. Her nights and days were switched for about 5 weeks. It was so brutal. She would go 4 hours in the day and 2.5 hrs in the night. It really sucked. And it was especially hard to get my naps in with having two kids. I try my best to sync their naps but it doesn't always work out. But my saving grace is Maikal being a night owl! Every night I will feed her right before bed (about 9 or 10pm) then I will pump some milk. Maikal will then take her next feeding! So i will be able to get at least 6 hours of straight sleep before getting up and feeding her again, then I go right back to sleep. So I rarely feel exhausted during the day! It's amazing. With Ben, Maikal was in school in the beginning so I was taking every feeding. It was too much for me. But I feel like I get a decent amount of sleep in the night.

Currently she sleeps in her bed about 10-12 hours in the night and waking up for 2 feedings. She usually goes two 5hr stretches. I am hoping she will do 8 hrs straight then go another 2 or 3. The goal is 9pm-5am, feed, then 5:30am-8am. Crossing my fingers is happens soon! She absolutely hates being on her back. She will freak out as soon as it happens. So she's been sleeping on her belly for a month now and she loves it. We also put her in her own room at about 8 weeks old. It would have been sooner but we were up at my parents house for a few weeks.

And can we just take a second and talk about the clothes and accessories please. I've never seen so many cute clothes in my life! Most of them are for when shes a bit older, but im so excited! I have a feeling I will be dressing vicariously through her.

Onto the nursing. She's pretty good. She's no chugger like some babies, she really likes to take her time which is annoying. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. There was a problem with my milk supply. I was like a milk cow in the beginning month or so and then all of a sudden, my milk goes down to about 1/4 of what I was producing before. I definitely don't want to be done nursing this early so I looked up some natural milk producing stuff. I am currently taking Fenugreek and it seems to be doing the trick! It took a few days to kick in but I could feel my supply increase so im less worried about that now.

I won't lie though, I have broken down a handful of times. Nothing too serious but I am keeping an eye out for post-partum depression. Definitely don't want to go through that again. For the most part, I am extremely happy! Life is so wonderful. This summer was packed full of good memories and fun activities!

She has an amazing and sweet spirit around her. We love that she was sent down to us. I can't wait to see her change and learn new things! We love our little girl!

Now onto the best part, Pictures!

1 week
3 weeks
These are Aurora's Besties.
Aurora 2 weeks. Lexi 9 weeks. Ellie 4 weeks. Ethan 11 weeks.

1 month
2 months
10 weeks

I hope you all have a great weekend xoxo!

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  1. Holy moly! She is all Lowry isn't she?! Such a darling little baby. I can't believe how much her and Sheriff have in common too!


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