Breaking Bad Habits: Nail Biting Addition

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Today Im going to be talking about breaking bad habits. Specifically Nail Biting!!
It is probably the hardest habit I have ever had to break! It's like an addiction. You just NEED to do it! And sometimes you do it without even knowing. I think when nail biters walk into a theatre, that's it. Your nails are done son! I have to physically prepare myself when I walk into a movie now. It's also one of the most disgusting habits. There is so much dirt and germs under those nails! YUCK!

I started nail biting at around the age of 12 I think. I didn't know any better. I just saw my brother doing it so I just randomly started as well. Have you ever seen the Lord of the Rings?? Well there are a few scenes up close of Frodo handling the ring and all I notice are his nasty chewed up finger nails. And I kid you not, my fingers looked identical to his! Little stubs.

I thought I was never ever going to be able to break this habit.
I've attempted countless times and failed each time over and over again.

So how did I break this assumable unbreakable habit??
2 things:

One day I decided to do yet another attempt. This was about 4 years ago. I decided this time I would
go out and purchase an actual nail kit. I was only using a nail file and nail polish up until this point.
I had no idea how a lot of the tools worked. But I slowly figured it out.
I cleaned up what was left of my nails at that point then put clear nail polish on top.
I think seeing my nails look that decent and knowing all the work I put into
cleaning them up helped out alot. Now this was only 50% of what helped me break it.

The other 50% was this guy.
My husband.

Ya. Scary.
He also thinks that nail biting is absolutely nasty so he would yell at me every time
my hands went up to me mouth. I told him to keep doing that because it seemed to work!!

Sometimes it would be an all day thing. It felt like every minute I was hearing "AAAAaaaAAAAaa!!!"
It made me realize how bad it really was and how often I was doing it.

So mix correct nail care and someone that screams at you, 
you get this!!!

Pretty nails!!! Now I can actually put nail polish on without it looking like a blobby mess!
I can do cute details like sparkly tips!! I've never had tips!!
And you REALLY know you've made it when not only can you see white,
but you can see your nails when you flip your hands around and you can see the tips from the other side!

I'm actually ridiculously proud of myself haha.
I thought it would never happen and I would have stumpy frodo fingers for the rest of my life!

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