Blossoms on Earth Day

Friday, April 22, 2016
Happy Earth Day!!

 Lately, I have been taking the kids on long walks to the park to enjoy this absolutely beautiful time of year. And just so you know, having Spring in April doesn't occur very often here in Canada haha. We usually still have snow. SO this has been such a treat!!! I LOVE the smell of flowers in the air.

 And of course, I took advantage of this breathtaking scenery and snapped a few pictures! Everyone should!! These flowers do not last long. Especially here in Southern Alberta with it's stupid Spring wind. Booooo! But we are crossing our fingers that they last at least until next Saturday for my Sis-in-Law's Wedding! I mean come on......a bride and blossoms??? Is there any better combo!?? nope.

 I purchased this AMAZING dress from and I just couldn't wait for spring to role around for me to photograph it in these trees! Seriously how awesome do these colours go with each other?? It just screams spring. And a COMFORTABLE Spring at that. This is probably one of the softest dresses I've ever owned. Love it! And when I can mix Comfort and Trendy into one outfit.......Im there. Be sure to check out the rest of this awesome online shop because everything is seriously just the cutest!

 I hope everyone is celebrating Earth Day by getting out and enjoying what Mother Nature has brought us this year with all the greenery, flowers, blue skies, and perfect weather. I love this planet and all of the beautiful and unbelievable things it has created for us to enjoy.

Dress :: Mayberrys (Currently not in stock, but also LOVE this one)

Seriously you guys, their Spring dresses and skirts should be in everyones wardrobes!

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