Deep Breaths and Comfy Pants

Thursday, August 18, 2016
What's with all this rain!?? I feel like May, June, and July had so much great weather, and then August came and brought the rain!! OK, maybe im being a little selfish. I guess rain is good. Keeps things looking fresh and green and helps the farmers. But I just want to go to the beach and live up these last summer days! Can you believe there is only 2 weeks left?? I have so much to do!

At first, I didn't think doing all the packing and cleaning by myself would be a big deal. Then I started organizing things and made a to-do list. And holy man!! Moving, selling, packing, and cleaning is a lot to do! Plus my kids have been super clingy and needy since their Dad left. Somehow kids just know something is wrong and they respond! Aurora especially has been pretty needy. I feel like I can't get anything done in the day until they are asleep because they need my constant attention and love. I guess they feel they need the love and comfort for two parents from just me. ya that's alot! So im left with only a few hours in the day to do stuff without hearing the words 'mom mom mom mom mom' every other second. So balancing everything with the Move, my Photography, being a Mom (and everything that comes with that), doing Summer Activities, and taking those few moments just to myself has kept me on my toes and makes for busy busy days! Im trying my best. I just need to take a lot of breathes. *deep inhale* Ok rant over.

Until our next hot day, I'll just wear some bright coloured clothing to warm up my days. And if you haven't noticed, Im kind of obsessed with everything Mayberrys recently. I need everything they have in my wardrobe. These leggings and top are seriously sooooo soft!! Nothing better than comfy clothes. Like nothing.

Top :: Mayberrys

Leggings :: Mayberrys

Shoes :: Old, but Love THESE

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