Pumpkin Carving Date

Sunday, October 30, 2016
Tomorrow is Halloween! One of my favourite days of the year!
I love it all. Dressing up, Trick or Treating, Candy Apples, Pumpkin Carving, Pumpkin flavoured everything, etc etc.

So as some of you may know, I am a control freak when I do certain projects. Like Pumpkin Carving for example. Before this, I wouldn't let the kids help me with the pumpkins.....nope, nada. Its needs to be perfect. Im not having a messed up, weird destroyed pumpkin. But I've been working on that lol. So, it was Auroras nap time and I really wanted to have some Mommy/Son time with Ben. So we decided to do the carving together! I showed him pics of carvings and he liked this one. The digging of the guts was funny. Ben thought it was soooo gross. But I made him do it anyways lol.

Obviously I did all of the knife work with some 'pretend' assistance from him putting his hands over mine. And Im going to tell you a bad mom moment, so don't judge ;)
It took my a long time to carve out the swirly eyes. Once It was finished, I took it out and it was perfect. But THEN, Ben thought I didnt 'get it all out' so he ripped out the rest of the swirl while I was looking away.........I was pretty mad! He felt really bad about it, then I just looked at him, then looked at the pumpkin and just said to myself, "Its just a pumpkin". There was no reason to get mad over that, none. So I flipped my frown upside down and made light of the situation, and we were back at having fun again. I have a lot of those moments, but its something I need to continually work on as a parent.

Anyway moving on. Last night we had our ward trunk or treat and it was so fun!! I feel really proud of our outfits this year. I loooooove being creative with our costumes, and I feel like we nailed it this year. I mean......I cheaped out on the kids this year.....but Maikal and I looked awesome haha. You can see our outfits HERE on Instagram.

AND....its suppose to be decent weather tomorrow! One thing I hate about Halloween back home in Canada is that there was always snow OR it was bloody cold outside. But here, people were literally in shorts last night. SHORTS! So we can dress as whatever we want and not have to worry too much about the cold! Its awesome! I am having so much fun seeing everyones costumes this year. So impressed! Keep posting!

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