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Monday, February 13, 2017
Valentines day is tomorrow! Personally, Im not much of a VDay celebrator. Maikal and I don't usually buy things for one another, we just spend time together, go on a date or whatever! So this outfit post is based around date night!
SO for How We Wore It series this month, we decided to try and do a "day to night' look. Basically, keeping the same main pieces, but styling small things differently such as hair, accessories, shoes, etc. And honestly, I could just as easily wear my day look on a date haha. But other than Sunday, I don't usually wear heels so it's a good excuse to get a little more fancy!

Now, when I try to dress up all fancy, I try to revolve my clothing around my Hair colour. Is that weird?? I just feel like it's my best feature so I like to make it pop! And colours that do that are Greens and Creams/Neutrals. Hence the Cream Detailed shirt. Picked this beauty up at Goodwill! Don't you love finding treasures at thrift stores!? Especially in your size! Is it not the worst when you find that dress, those jeans, that jacket, that is exactly what you want, but its the complete wrong size? The worst.

So here is my DAY look: 

And here is my NIGHT look:

DAY look:

Top:: ZARA , sold out, but also love THIS

Jeans:: Bluenotes, old, love THESE

Shoes:: Target, old, love THESE

NIGHT look:

Necklace:: Ardene

Shoes:: Bluenotes, old, but love THESE

Check out my fabulous blogger friend to see how she wore it!

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