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Friday, March 17, 2017
Happy St Patrick's Day!

In case none of you have guessed, I am 50% Irish. I know, it's hard to tell...... ;)
It is a huge dream of mine to go to Ireland one day and explore the culture that makes up half of me. Actually Maikal applied to Dental School in Ireland....I was definitely rooting for that one haha.

But just like a ton of people in North America, I didn't really know what St Patrick's Day was truly about. I thought it was about Leprechauns and pinching people! So here is a little write up of what we are actually celebrating today!

"The Day of the Festival of Patrick"

* St Patrick's Day is celebrating the annual death of St Patrick. He is believed to have died 460 AD. It was originally a very large feast celebration but has now become so much more than that.

* St Patty is celebrated because he is the one who Ministered Christianity in Ireland in the 5th Century.

* Irish people have been celebrating this holiday for thousands of years. Pretty impressive!

* Why do we wear green? It was believed that wearing green made you invisible to the leprechauns, and if you were caught not wearing green, they would pinch you as a result! 

* Why specifically green? St Patty taught the Holy Trinity with a Green Shamrock and a 3 leaved plant, all Green items.

You guys, I've always LOVED St Patricks Day. Any day that partly celebrates wearing my absolute favourite colour is a good day in my books. It is my goal in life to actually celebrate this holiday IN Ireland. And I invite all my Irish friends and family to join!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day and aren't getting too many pinches! Happy Weekend!

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