"You Smell Pregnant"

Saturday, September 23, 2017
Wow, excuse me while I dust off the Ol'Blog for a minute.

Hello people who read my blog! I know thats not very many haha, but thanks for stopping by.

It seems like not that long ago that we were trying to get pregnant, and here I am at 29 weeks already! Third Trimester Baby! I haven't blogged about this pregnancy AT ALL. So here I am to catch some people up and also to write down a few things that I really want to remember for later.

Ok, so let's rewind shall we:
First of all, let me start by saying, I thought I was done at two. For real. But then, things started to get easier. The kids grew and my life became more simple, and it was awesome. Then that baby fever hit. And I needed a baby again. I have always wanted 4 kids, so I now have my heart set on 4 and we are very happy about it.

Anyways......Maikal and I have had to be careful as to when we can have our babies because we live in the USA (where health insurance is basically a nightmare for us Canadians), so we need to plan our due dates when we will be in Canada just so it's easier. I couldn't have a baby this summer due to my work schedule in the summers, and of course I wanted to chance that Maikal would actually be here for the birth, so we decided a December baby made sense. (USA schools get out beginning of Dec). So that was our plan and we were SO worried that we wouldn't get prego right away because the timing with him needing to be in school and Ben starting school would have gotten really complicated and Maikal would miss those newborn days.

So the week we were 'trying' felt like an eternity. I have no patience! But the day came when it was time to buy that pregnancy test, but I already had the hunch that we were successful and it was going to be positive. That morning before I even went to the store (I was going to keep it a surprise and do something fun to announce it to Maikal), I went to give him a hug goodbye for school and he leans in and smells me. Yup smellllllllls me. And he says "hmmm, you smell pregnant". Ya.....weirdo right? But he was completely serious and I couldn't help but laugh and get all giddy. So I later went and bought the test, did the deed, and couldn't wait for those 2 pink lines. But surprise, Negative. WHAT THE CRAP. How could I not be pregnant? I had the signs! Nope, not acceptable. I HAD to be pregnant or else everything would be ruined. So I kept that bit of hope in my head and simply said to myself and Maikal, "I must have taken the test too early, yup, that's it, it has to be". So I waited another week when I knew I was to suppose to start my 'lady' time again (cuz you know what? Prego tests are pricey, and I thought waiting was the cheaper option lol) So that special day came and went, then another, and another. I am NEVER late. So each day that went by was like I dodged a bullet. It's crazy, but the amount of times I went to the bathroom to 'check' myself was stupid lol. Then I went and got that freaking test and did it again.


The flood of relief that came over me was unreal. I was SO HAPPY. And also turns out, Maikal's smelling magic powers are more accurate than a pregnancy test.
Ok, so now to surprise Maikal when he came home!! I had always envisioned this photo in my head (which I am totally going to recreate soon) for the announcement. It only works for some people, not everyone.

I wrote on Ben's belly "made in Alberta"
on Aurora's belly "made in Hawaii"
And on my belly "made in Ohio"

We were standing in a line and would raise our shirts when he came home. CUTE RIGHT!??
So he comes home, walks into the room, we do our reveal, and......no reaction. He was so out of it he didn't even know our shirts were up hahahaha. He was like "hey hun hey kids". Took him like 15 seconds, but he saw it hahahaha. He was happy and grateful as well and we had a lovely family hug and laughed about what just happen hahahaa.

Then of course was the long wait to tell the rest of the world. Could the 1st trimester be any slower?
As far as the main question "How has your pregnancy been?", I honestly have zero complaints! I was sick for about 2 weeks, but not a bad sick, just nauseous and no energy, but I was still able to go and do things. I just started doing Yoga and it feels so nice to get more physically active again. And apparently it's suppose to help with Birth, which if you know me, you know my births are straight from the belly of Lucifer. I pray all the time that this time will be a good experience for me.

I should prob stop writing now haha. This is getting too long for one post. I promise I will be better at updating this thing. Thanks for reading!

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  1. You are so beautiful!!! You do make adorable kids. I'm glad I get to be with you during this special time.


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