Sunday, March 13, 2011
A Day in the Life of Brittany and Maikal

On friday me and maikal decided to have a date night!
We try to set aside at least one day out of the week
where we just plan a day to do some sort of activity
with each other. And let me tell you....this is one of
my favourite date nights.
Let me start with dinner....

Our usual place to go out and eat is Moxie's.
Me and maikal both love the food there
and it's always a good time.
We both had ordered pasta's, which were
super delicious!
Once it was time to go, we had our food
packed up then went and paid our bill.
Once we made it home, we both realized
that neither one of us had grabbed the
bag of our left overs!
Well there goes my meal for tomorrow...
But we just laughed about it and headed inside my house.

Now for the part of the evening that was both the most entertaining...
and most painful. event. ever.
We decided for fun to go out and buy this little strip free wax kit.
So Maikal decided he wanted to WAX his BEARD because he hates
having to shave everyday.....
"How bad could it possibly hurt?" we thought to ourselves....
This was our first mistake. Poor Maikal.
As I was smoothing on the wax to his face we both got a little nervous,
but especially Maikal. Obviously.
I didn't want to cause him alot of pain so I
Ripped the wax as fast as I could!
Maikal gave out a little Gasp, but said it wasn't
That Bad...little did he know that the part I waxed was
probably the least sensitive part of his face.
So he told me to do a bigger piece so that this
could get done faster.....seriously bad idea.
As I put the next portion onto his neck, right below his chin,
we both got really nervous..
I started to peal away one side so I could get a good grip on it..
He froze with the realization that this was going to be one of the
most painful experiences of his life.
He quickly grabbed onto anything he could, then I took hold
and Ripped the wax again!
BUT...this time was different...Since the wax was long...
It broke off...still leaving a good chunk left for me
to torture him with. (Sorry Maikal). Once I tore away the first part,
his face was so full of pain and he was holding back every outburst he could.
It was so painful to watch....but me being me...I couldn't help but laugh...
It's so horrible I know...Im a sick individual.
Don't get me wrong, it was so painful for me to watch as I
caused the love of my life so much pain!
After we got all that portion of wax off, which took about 5 times,
We decided we were definitely done with this experiment. Probably forever.

This was the torture device that was used.

Right after we finished ripping off
all the wax. My Poor baby...

What it looked like after.
This picture doesn't really do it justice.
In real life, it was alot more red.

So much Pain...

Later that evening......
After the torturing session was done, we decided do something a little more fun lol.
So we painted portraits of each other!
Obviously neither one of us are artists....
But this is what was created.

Maikal painted me and I painted him.

I think we captured the hair and shirts
of each other quite nicely.
But the faces could use a little work...

Not too bad eh! ;)

My biggest mistake...I forgot his eyebrows!
How does one miss something like that!
Especially for Maikal! lol ;)

He's kind of embarrassed about his creation.
But I still think its sweet!

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