Wednesday, March 9, 2011
6 Months!

Today marks the day of the 6th month that we've officially been a couple.
There have been up's and down's, bumpy roads, gut busting laughs,
and too many silly moments to count. He is seriously
the best guy I have ever met and i'm so happy we found each other.

As I was walking to my car from school today,
I saw in the distance that there was something on the front window of my car.
I thought,
"oh crap, someone must have written me a nasty note telling me that i've taken their parking spot and that they were going to take a baseball bat to my car if it ever happens again!'
Seriously that is exactly what I thought.
as I came closer to my car, I see that there is no note, but a beautiful red rose with a bag of my favourite chocolates attached to them, M&M's :)

I forgot my phone at home this morning
so I couldn't call him right then to tell him that this was such a lovely surprise
and to thank him so much for being the best Fiance ever!
Once I got home, I came into my room
to find a bouquet of Tiger Lillies (my fav) on my dresser
with another bag of M&M's plus a box of Lindors!
If I gain weight from all this chocolate I'm totally blaming him lol ;)

Here are a couple pictures of the past little while :)

Green and Gold Ball

At the Red Piano in Edmonton.
If you ever have the opportunity to go, take it.
Because the show was seriously Epic!

New Years

One of our first dates. We went to dollarama that day
and bought these XXXL sweaters and had everyone sign them!

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