Friday, September 7, 2012
The Big Move happened. It's done. We made it.

And it's AWESOME!!!

I still can't believe that I live in Hawaii! 
It was so surreal for so long that I thought it would never happen. 
But then it just........happened!

This past week has been very busy with packing and cleaning and saying our goodbyes. We were able to go see my family up in Drayton 2 weekends ago and we said goodbye to Maikal's family on Sunday. We are very sorry for those we have missed! I miss everyone so much already. I am just so grateful for the technology we have in this day and age so that we are able to keep in close contact with our loved ones. We are truly blessed :)

So on Tuesday we packed up all our bags (5 carry-ons, 5 large suitcases, a playpen, and a baby carrier) and headed up to Calgary. All I could think of was.."oh man oh man oh man! We are actually doing this!" We were a little nervous about taking Ben on his first flight. We were afraid he would be very fussy and also be in some sort of pain from the pressure. But nothing went wrong!! We kept his soother in his mouth for all of the take off's and landings. We made a little bed for him at our feet for his naptimes and it worked so perfectly :)

We arrived at the Honolulu Airport at 9:30pm.  Hawaii is 4 hours behind us so it really felt like 1:30am. so brutal! We then headed straight to a car rental. We chose a standard size suv. It was the only vehicle that would fit all our luggage and still be somewhat cheap. We then headed to our new home! The town of Laie. It is soo beautiful! We are right across the street from the PCC (Polynesian culture center) and 3 blocks away from BYU. We are only 30 meters away from the ocean and we have our own little beach. The ocean breeze it very nice on these hot humid days.

When we looked at our own cute little home, we couldn't be more happy. It is so nice! Very spacious and it has its own bedroom! Almost ALL of the places we looked at online were studio's and extremely tiny. We feel incredibly blessed to have found such an amazing place to live.

Later this week once everything is all cleaned up from packing I will take more pictures and videos and post them :)

The days feel sooooo long here because of the time change. We were awake at 5:30am (9:30am Alberta time). We decided to check out our little beach down the driveway and see what it was like. The sun had just come over the horizon and it was very calm and soothing. Lucky you say?? Yah...I would definitely have to agree!

Well that's it for now. I will hopefully be keeping up more often with my blogging to keep everyone updated :)


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