Friday, September 28, 2012
The place we call Home

So we have some pretty awesome news to announce....we got accepted into TVA (Temple View Apartments) at BYUH. It is campus married housing and we are beyond thrilled to be living here! 
About 2 weeks ago we received an email from BYU saying that we got accepted into TVA. We were so happy and couldn't believe that this happened! The wait list for TVA is 1.5 years so we have no clue how we got accepted so fast. I have one word for this.....BLESSED. The rent is $400 cheaper a month, it is a 5 min walk to the school, and a 2 min walk to our church building. We do feel kind of bad for our friends and family who have been waiting sooooo much longer than us to get accepted lol....but I do think that since we do have a baby then they do take that into deep consideration. 

-Bigger bedroom
-Much cooler
-Full kitchen
-Nicer furniture
-More storage
-Sound proof to our neighbours
-Bigger closet

-We are on the upper level.....not so fun when you have a baby and groceries to carry
-Much smaller living room
-Windows do not shut (it is like this in all the apartments)

There is another downside...since we got accepted so fast, we are still in a contract with our other place. The landlords are very understanding so we came to some kind of compromise. If we could find someone to take over our lease, then we would be able to get back our $1000 damage deposit back. So luck. It totally sucks but we are still saving more money by moving to TVA so it's all good :)

Ok so here is a little video of our new place!

We love it.
It is our home <3

Here are a few pictures of our old place.
We will miss you first Hawaii home!

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