Tuesday, February 26, 2013
1 Year

Wow, just wow.
The time has just flown by and I can't believe it!
My little baby is now a little boy.
He turned one today and he has changed so much!

1Year ago:
I was in the worst pain of my life.
Everything about my life, was going to change.
I was afraid.
I was from then on, going to be called 'Mom'.
It was the last day I would ever get to sleep in.
I was going to be 100% responsible for a little human.
It was the start of a brand new life. A harder Life.

A life that I didn't want for many years.
A life that was, and is, full of ups and downs, highs and lows,
depression and frustration, happiness and proudness,
accomplishments and failures, and hundreds of pictures.

Being a Mom is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
I feel like my life has been put into fast forward.
And it was bad for a long time. Really bad.
But it's getting better :)
I am finding more joy in being a Mom and I am grateful for that.
And I am so thankful for all the love and support I've had from everyone <3

But there's no doubt that I love him.
He is so adorable and he makes me smile everyday.
He is silly, shy, loud, grumpy, chatty, stubborn, 
smiley, smart, needy, ticklish, and everything in between!

So without further delay, here is a little montage of his life so far!

Brand New!
At first I thought he looked alot like Maikal,
But as he's gotten older, I see he's more me.

1 Month
Straight from the womb he was able to
lift himself very high. We make em' strong!

2 Months
Starting to smile big!
Finally got the hang of nursing (huge accomplishment!)

3 Months
Had his first fever
Began to laugh
Loved tommy time

4 Months
Started with solid foods
Began sleeping through the night! (heavenly)
Laughing up a storm

5 Months
Huge personality boost!
He began to 'play' more

6 Months
Began Rolling
Starting Sitting up
Moved to Hawaii!
Lifting himself up from the floor

7 Months
Scootching across the floor
Reaching for us to be picked up

8 Months
First two teeth (bottoms)
Began swimming lessons

9 Months
Standing alone
Top 2 teeth
Feeding himself (only finger foods)

10 Months
First Christmas!! 
4th and 5th top teeth
Taking a few steps
Learned 'Soooo Big'

11 Months
Talking up a storm
More steps!
Pointing at things

1 Year!!
Walking across the room
Not so afraid of the cold ocean water
Long beautiful Prince Hair! Love those curls!

Cheesy Smiles

Happy Birthday My Sweet Little BOY!!
I can no longer say he is a baby...sad, but also awesome.
I love seeing him grow and seeing what he's going to look like!


  1. YAY!! He's so big!! And I love his beach baby hair - little boys on the beach need long hair.

    Brittany - you're a trooper!! I look up to you so much. I have a feeling the adjustment to being a mother will be hard work for me too. I hope you're okay with me asking you questions on how to survive!

  2. Oh Kristen, thank you so much. You too are a huge inspiration to me! I always watch you blog like a HAWK haha. And please feel free to ask me anything you want! Seriously, no shame here :)


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