Thursday, February 21, 2013
Electric Beach

This place is amazing. Simply Amazing.
Sure the beach part isn't much, but when you go to
Electric Beach, you aren't going there to play on the beach,
you are there to play in the WATER!

let me explain.

Electric Beach is the place where all the
wild Whales, Dolphins, Sting Rays, Turtles,
 (and sometimes Sharks) come to play!!

So why do they ALL come to THAT particular Beach??...

Well this is called Electric Beach for a reason.
There is an Electrical Plant right across the street.
This huge Plant pumps out hot water into the ocean
from a huge pipe under the water.
(you will see it in the video at the end of this post).
The sea animals LOVE the nice warm water so thats
why they go there to play!

The snorkelling is also amazing here.
The water is so clear and blue!
And there is so much life around here. So beautiful!

I could seriously spend the entire day here
and I wouldn't get bored.
There is room for beach volleyball.
You can go camping.
The waves are great for boogy boarding.
You can fish all you want..either by spear or hook.
The ONLY thing that would make everything complete
would be to have either a small motorized boat, a kayak, or a jetski!

Click on the Sentence below to see our sweet video!

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