"It is not like the Purple Shirt"

Monday, June 2, 2014
This has been a very popular saying around this house for a few months now.
It is probably the funniest 'insider' we have ever had!
Well....I don't think it's much of an insider anymore
because we've told this story so many times.
And maybe this is a story better left for person to person
But Im going to tell it anyway.
And we keep telling it because it makes us laugh every. single. time.

And the laughter doesn't get less loud or less genuine,
it is still as funny as the moment it happened.

So, instead of us telling the story again and again
(and also for the sake of documenting),
I will happily tell everyone about this short and hilarious little story we have to tell. 
And let me give you a hint, it's about a purple shirt and my pregnancy ;)

So while living in Hawaii a few months ago,
there was a formal event we were invited to
(can't remember what),
but Maikal decided to wear his really nice button up purple dress shirt. 
Now when he got this shirt
...like 6 years ago....
it fit him perfectly.
Currently the fit of this shirt is a bit snug....
maybe more than snug...
Im talking buttons popping kind of snug.
But he can still move around and blah blah.

Anyways, so before leaving, he had to bend over to pick something up. 
I heard groaning and sighs as he bent over and came back up. 
I laughed and went on with what I was doing. 
A few minutes later I (being 7-ish months pregnant) 
bent over to pick something up. 
And of course I groaned and had to take a big breathe after picking that thing up. 
He looks over to me and says, 
"Hey! That's just like when I wear my Purple Shirt!" 
Now this part of the story comes from Maikal because I wasn't looking at myself, 
he said when I turned to him, I looked like an enraged demon beast
I remember feeling so insulted by this comment. 
So I turned to him and said, 
"It is NOT like the Purple Shirt!!" 
He absolutely burst out laughing at my comment. 
And how dare he laugh. This was serious
He was comparing a stupid tight shirt to pregnancy! 
But I soon realized how ridiculous and funny the situation was
and we both just sat there and laughed and laughed.

And now, anytime that he thinks something is relatable to my pregnancy, he will be like, "Ya! Just like my purple shirt!" 
For example, being sick and throwing up, his back hurting, any type of swelling, cravings he has, etc etc. And maybe you had to be there for it to be funny, but I love having our own little saying instead of always quoting something from a movie or song.

Cuz it's not like the purple shirt!

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  1. I love having those hilarious comments and always laughing about them later, we have a few ourselves. I was envisioning this incident happening and can imagine just how you would say it. I love it. :)


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