Sunday, June 8, 2014
So as I was saying in my 'whats in store' post, I had an appointment booked for this past thursday to see if my baby was growing properly and if everything was fine. The days leading up to this appt were taking forever! I just wanted to know if it was nothing or something.

It was one of those awesome appointments where you're exposed to the doctor. So comfy.
Anyways so she measured me and felt the baby and determined that the baby is right on schedule with the due date and she feels good! She must have just been positioned weird last time. This baby really likes to lay from side to side instead of straight up and down. But her head is down and low which is good. AND the Dr said I am 2cm dilated already (when i was at 35 weeks), so the Dr said this baby will most likely come earlier than later, but no promises of course lol. But it got my hopes up that it won't be that much longer!! I know I shouldn't expect another early baby because it will make the days and weeks just that much longer.

I am still feeling TONS of movement. She stretches so much during the day but especially at night. It can get pretty annoying when you're trying to sleep though. But I love it. Sometimes, it feels like she is literally trying to escape! She will stretch so long and hard that it feels like she is trying to push herself right on out!! Its pretty uncomfortable for me, but it doesn't last very long. My favourite is seeing her little foot bulge out the side of my stomach. And when I touch it she immediately springs it back like I was tickling her haha.

Here are my stats:
36 weeks
I never got this photo with Ben because I was a little busy giving birth to him that day
Stretch marks for dayssssss
Belly isnt really growing that much now
My weight is really steady
Very little swelling
A few Braxton Hicks every once and a while
It's pretty hard to get a good nights sleep
I bought her first little outfits yesterday. I love girls clothes!
I have quite the waddle going on
I can't sit for very long since everything goes numb. So church is difficult.

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  1. Cute shirt! I am definitely running out of anything cute to wear the more by my belly grows.


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