6 Months

Thursday, January 1, 2015
Holy crap! How has a 1/2 a year gone by already!?? Aurora hit her 6 months this December and it was so cute to be able to dress her up in a little Christmas outfit for this months picture. She is so full of personality and can lift my spirits in seconds when she give me that big gummy grin of hers.

At 6 months she is:

  • Majority of the time sleeping through the night. Some days are just crazy so she gets off schedule. But she sleep 11-12 hrs in her bed and wakes once to feed. The other week she went 12 hours without any feedings!! It was awesome.
  • Days away from crawling. She can make her way across a room by scootching or rolling or 'jumping' forward on all fours.
  • Eats solids like a champ. Her fav is Sweet Potato
  • Still looking just like her Daddy. But with my cheeks.
  • Pro traveller
  • Still Nursing. Although, I have a feeling it's going to end soon because Im drying up. Same thing happened with Ben around this time. But Im a little worried because I've been trying to ease her onto formula just in case I have no more milk for her, but she hates the taste! I only have 3 bags of milk left in the freezer and my pump broke so I need to do small amounts in there and try to slowly ease her onto it.
  • Prefers to be swaddled and sleeping on her back now. So weird. Usually its the other way around.
  • Loves loves loves her big brother. They are starting to play with each other and it makes my heart smile every time! 
  • Still small. She is so light and fairly petite. But I love it. She still feels and looks like a tiny baby to me. 
  • Sitting up. She will still fall some times though.
  • No teeth yet. Thank goodness. Im not excited for the teething process again.
  • 3-6 month clothes
  • Size 2 diapers
  • LOVES to jump. We need to get her a jolly jumper asap!
  • She can walk forward if you're holding her arms (obvi). She takes the cutest little steps! So dainty and adorable.
  • Rolls back to front and front to back
  • Obsessed with her own feet. You will likely always see her chewing on them
  • Still doesn't have much hair :( so bummed. I want pig tails NOW!!

We love our baby girl!!

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