Camping in the Cold

Monday, July 13, 2015

This guy is a stranger. Ben just decided he liked the way he looked and wanted to be friends.
I pray that he won't end up in some psychos white van one day.

That one moment when the sun came out

The camping crew!

Photo cred for all these pictures :: Kari Burgess. Radelle Jensen. Laura Taylor

So about a month ago, a bunch of my side of the family decided to go camping!! As we were packing up to leave Lethbridge, we saw the clouds and just thought, 'oh no'. The weather was pretty sucky, but the company made up for all of that!! We just had a great time exploring the grounds and having great conversation! I love my family!! It is so nice to see people you haven't seen in what feels like forever.

Next time we go camping, we need to put Ben on a leash. You probably think Im joking, but Im not. He ran away wanting to explore so so so many times!! There was one time where we just COULDN'T  find him and we were really freaking out. But he ended up being in my cousins tent and just decided not to respond to us. Little stinker. Next time, I will put permanent marker on his arm saying who he is and which site he belongs to. Thank you Pinterest! He is so comfortable with strangers it's scary. One time he went missing, I found him with these two women in the bathroom. They told me he had just walked up to their camp ground, started stripping, and asked them to take him to the bathroom!! I was horrified!! They had small kids of their own so they just thought it was the funniest thing! I was so relieved haha. Thank you kind strangers!

All in all it was a great weekend. There is nothing more fun than simply being in the presence of family and just talking and having fun. Hopefully next time we will be able to take off our coats and socks and play at the beach!

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