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Monday, July 13, 2015

As many of you know, Im huge into making video diaries. I made this one for Aurora and I just love it!

Aurora Turns One from Brittany Lowry on Vimeo.

Also, if you missed her newborn video and want to see how much she's grown, here it is!

Aurora Summer Tahiri Lowry from Brittany Lowry on Vimeo.

As luck would have it, Aurora's first birthday, Cody's 27th birthday, and Fathers Day all landed on the same day this year! It was so nice to celebrate so many wonderful events all in one day!

Aurora turned ONE!!!! It's so hard to believe that my little baby is growing into a toddler! Although she is still super little, she is very advanced! I think so anyways haha. She's been walking for a few months now and is starting to say more and more words. She can say 'mom, dad, ben, uh oh, and hi'. She is such a little climber! It will get her in a lot of trouble Im sure of it. She loves to wrestle, play peak a boo, loves being chased around, and is drawn to anything sparkly. She loves playing outdoors, swimming, and going new places. This girl is meant to travel!

For her first birthday, I really wanted to make her cake. But it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. I messed up on some of the ingredients and cooking times. It was awful your guys. I tried to make this marshmellow fondant to try and cover up the mess underneath. But that didnt look very pretty either haha. Oh well. The kids seemed to really enjoy it!

My big bro turned 27 this year. Getting up there big bro! ;) Aurora was born only 15 min past midnight so she JUST landed on his birthday. Now they will share this special day for the rest of their lives haha

Lastly, fathers day!! I LOVE fathers day. Its a time when I am able to celebrate two of my favourite people in this world! Being a father is one of the most amazing roles in people's lives. They are a powerful presence in the home and great examples to others. My dad is a huge role model for me and Im so happy to call his my Dad! Maikal is the best husband and father to our kids I could have ever asked for. He teaches them good principles and plays hard with them. He gives me breaks when I need them and they just love being around him! They are constantly crawling on top of him all day everyday. I need to step up my game or else both my kids will pick him to be the favourite parent!

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