Birth vs Exam

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
So I am 32 weeks now. I actually just got off the phone with Maikal, and I was all,

"Can you believe I MAY only have 4 weeks left!?" (Ben was born at 36)

He was not happy about that.

"Keep that baby in until I get home! No more of this early-baby talk!"

Ugh fine fine. I'll keep my mind set on being pregnant until you get here.
And for those who don't know yet, here is the low down of Maikal being here (or not) for the birth.

Maikals last day of classes is Nov 18. Then it's just study study study for the BOARDS (super hard Dental Exam. You need it to be a Dentist. Its important). He can take it at any time after you are done classes. Just sign up and go whenever either in USA or CAN. So the dilemma is stay and take it there with better study time, or fly home - be here for the birth - but a little less study time. Of course Maikal being here for the birth would be amazing, but I also know how important this exam is. So I am fully (i think?) prepared to have this baby with or without him by my side. He plans on coming home and taking it here, which is cool with me! And he is one of the smartest people I know, so the amount of studying he will get here will be just fine. But things could change last minute, so who knows when exactly he will get here. Can we all just cross our fingers and hope for the best for both situations please! Baby...Exam...Baby....Exam....UGH.

Ok so a little lighter news, like I said I am 32 weeks. I remember with Aurora at this time, I was so tired of being preggers. But this time seems a little different. I am oddly OK with staying pregnant and I don't feel that 'get out of me' feeling just yet. Maybe it will come later. Also awesome news, I think we have decided on a name! Hopefully neither of us change our minds. Man, this time round picking a name was a nightmare.

Lately, I've been listening to alot of 'Sister Act' on youtube and I cannot get enough of it. There is this one scene in the movie when they are singing their choir song, and these girls hear them from across the street, and I couldnt help but awe over their crazy outfits. One trend in particular was the plaid shirt around the waist. Im obsessed. I know this has made its comeback for a few years now, but I especially love doing it with a bump!

Dress :: Aliexpress, Old, Similar HERE

Shirt :: Aliexpress, Old, Similar HERE

Booties :: Walmart


  1. Hahah, I'd say you're fine with being pregnant this time around because you know chaos is waiting for you when you have three kids! Haha, I definitely felt that way at least! I hope the birth and the exam go smoothly for you guys!

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