The Plan(s)...

Friday, November 3, 2017
Current Status: 35 weeks + 2 days, 3 cm dilated, Maikal arrives in 15 days.

Here's what I know about my birth plans......they don't happen. So it's good not to have my mind set on just one. Obviously we all have our 'perfect/ideal' birth plan. But sometimes it just doesn't happen the way we hope. Everyone's experience is their own. There is no ONE WAY to have a baby.

'The Plan' has consumed my thoughts the past few days. I have Plan A, B, C, D...etc. So here is the reason I need so many plans. Most of them are about getting to the Hospital! It's 1.5 hours away from me (DV doesn't deliver). Also Side note, we have friends 25 min away from my Hospital so I plan to stay with them every weekend just in case.


A) Everything is perfect. Maikal is here on time, staying in Stony Plain with friends, leave kids with friends, get to Hospital, get Epidural, have baby. Personally hoping for this plan ;)

B) Maikal doesn't make it and/or Epidural doesn't work. Holy moly, both of these are big fears for me. Let me just say that the reason I had previously thought I was done having kids is because my birth with Aurora was so painful (epidural didnt work). I vowed I would never ever do that again. And obvi if Maikal misses it, that would be so so sad for all parties.

C) In DV, start feeling labour pains, drive to Hospital, etc.

D) In DV, in Labour, start driving to Hospital, Labour is going way fast, have to deliver in the Van on the side of the road. Like I said, my births are very fast, so this could happen.

E) In DV, in Labour, but roads are bad. Can't drive to Hospital, must deliver at DV Hospital. They will have to deal with it as well as me without the drugs.

You guys, my mind is spinning. These are just idea's that could happen. There are variations of each circumstance that could change anything. C-sections, delayed traffic, Van breaks, maybe even deliver at my friends house because of weather, complications at birth, etc, etc, etc, etc! So many things! I have ruled out nothing. Man, if DV was just normal and did deliveries and epidurals and all that normal and lovely stuff, my life would be so much better right now. But no, I have to drive in winter to each of my appts once a week ( i have really bad driving anxiety), then deal with the stress of all these 'plans' for my birth.

And before I get jumped on by the 'at home birth' people. I have never felt comfortable doing that. I want my babies born in a hospital with me on drugs. So the midwife thing is just not for me, even though, yes, that would be a much easier plan lol. I don't even know if DV has midwives.

The only thing I can do is stay positive and pray and try to keep this baby in until Maikal gets here. Anyways, thanks for reading all my venting thoughts.
It will be fine
It will be fine
It will be fine


  1. Girl. It will be fine. Sending all the vibes for plan A! I’m getting anxious just reading your post! ������

  2. It's a great feeling becoming mother. A perfect plan also need for the child who is growing day by day. perfectly planning for a baby is quite necessary.


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