Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In my life recently, I've noticed I haven't had any HUGE accomplishments. Back in the day Id say I had a really good life full of Victories. Whether it be Sports, Graduating from High School, Getting my Diploma in Accounting, Finding a Worthy man to Marry, Surviving Pregnancy, Labour and Raising a Child, Finishing the Charmed series from Start to Finish (I don't usually finish long series shows), and blah blah blah blah.

But theres always been this HUMUNGOUS obstacle that I just can't seem to commit to....LOSING WEIGHT! I can't seem to keep to a diet. I excersize on a regular basis though (Zumba :) )  Ive been able to lose about 8 pounds since Ben has been pathetic! It's been 14 months! I don't know what's taking me so long to bounce back! Like i've said in previous posts, i've never really had to worry about losing weight. I've always been athletic So I had no clue how hard it actually was to lose weight!

But anyways, the reason for this post is to make a commitment to myself and everyone else. I think it will help to have everyone know about this commitment so that it feels more important to me so I will work harder. Saying this publicly will give me drive and discipline to help myself accomplish this goal of mine.

So my friend Cally went on this Meal Plan and it really worked for her! So Im going to try this out!
Here is the link to what my meals are like:

So here I am making a promise to myself and everyone who reads this....I am going to stick to this meal plan, and I am going to get back to my pre-baby body in no time!

So if anyone wants to join me on this journey than feel free! Im sure having someone else do this with me, and vice versa, will have positive effects on both of us!

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