Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Happy Happy Anniversary!

And it was a HAPPY Anniversary!
It was a great day. It was a Perfect day.
I had a smile on my face all day long!
I couldn't help but think of all the great things
that have happened since we've been married.

It was a day full of laughter.
A day full of good memories.
A day of gratefulness and gratitude.
A day of LOVE.

We have this friend Meg, and she is just simply fabulous!
She offers to babysit Ben whenever we like!
She is a great person inside and out! She offered to take Ben for the morning
So that I would have some time to relax and do whatever I wanted!
But for me, what I wanted was a clean house :) And  I was happy to do it!
I actually don't mind cleaning at all. It just feels so good.
I usually can't get the whole house done because Ben is pulling on me for attention.
But this time I was able to do it no time!
Thank you Meg for be so freaking awesome!

Plus the love from everyone and all the kind and helpful words
have really given me a jump start to a new and happy day.
Thank you everyone for the LOVE!

Meg and Ben

I made Banana Bread because Maikal LOVES it!

We had Josh come over and babysit while we 
headed into Honolulu for a night out on the town!

It was such a beautiful sunset leading up to the Waikiki Strip!

We decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

The wait was about 50 minutes.
But we ended up finding these sweet comfy chairs!
Best wait ever!

Maikal ordered Steak and I had Pasta!

We of course ended the meal with Cheesecake!
Strawberry and Chocolate Bar.

We didn't get a picture of it, but this guy on the street was allowing
everyone to look through his GINORMOUS telescope to see SATURN!
I have NEVER seen a planet before and it was SOOOOOO COOL!!
It was only out for 2 hours and we were so lucky to have seen it!
It was absolutely breathtaking.
It looked white because it was so bright.
It made the night so special for us.
But this is what it looked like :)
But ours was more clear looking

It was a great day.
I couldn't imagine my life without Maikal.
He is so good to me.
He treats me like a Queen!

We got home pretty late (like 12). We were so exhausted!
And here's the awesome part, Ben decided to let us sleep in
because we were out so late!
he went to Bed at 6:30 and woke up 8:30!
Best present he could ever give us :)
I love my family!


  1. You guys are so cute! Sounds like a great day.
    And Saturn! Is that what it looked like without the Telescope? That is crazy cool!!!

    1. Thats what it looked like THROUGH the telescope. Without it it would just look like another star :) But it so neat!


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