Tuesday, May 3, 2011
I got peas on my face but don't call me a peaface
That title's for you Geof Crebas, from Maikal.

So yesterday I made an appointment to have my wisdom teeth taken out. I thought I'd better have this surgery done before I went off my parents plan. I was a little nervous. I honestly hate the dentist. Last time I went, the dental assistant was doing some cleaning after my braces were taken off. It was torture. She cleaned so hard and deep that It made me bleed so much! I was literally in tears the whole time. All I could feel was pain and all I could see was the assistant's hands covered in my blood. Needless to say, it was an awful experience and I haven't returned since.
But...this surgery needed to happen to I was forced to go back. I decided to go to a new dentist, one in Lethbridge, Dr. James Evanson. He was so amazing. I actually had a great experience. I went in thinking I was going to be drugged in some way. Perhaps laughing gas, Iocane powder, or demarol. But no....He told me that he doesn't do the drug thing and that he would only be freezing the crap out of my face. Of course I was a little nervous about that because I really didn't want any bit of pain. And, I am afraid of needles. Since I needed this surgery to happen that day, I agreed to everything.
He then laid me down and put 6 shots of freezing into my mouth. To be honest, this was actually the most painful part of the procedure, I know right, but it's true. After about 15 minutes, my entire mouth (inside and out) was frozen. It was kind of embarrassing actually. I started to drool, slur my words, and my hands started to shake. When I tried to speak to the dr., he just smiled and nodded because he could't really understand me.
My top 2 wisdom teeth had grown in so they were pretty easy to take out. It was probably only 6 minutes each to take them out and there was no pain whatsoever. But, my bottoms were so much more difficult. They hadn't grown in yet plus they were huge, so the dr. had to cut me open, grind down my teeth, then shatter them in order to make it more easy to pull out. The feeling of my teeth being grind down is not a feeling I like to experience frequently. But after about 20 minutes on each tooth, they were finally out. 1 hour and a couple stitches later, my surgery was done.
As many of you know, in order to help stop the bleeding, gauze is placed in the back. Also in order to keep down the swelling, ice should be placed on your face continuously (p.s. pea's are the best ;)) The dr. prescribed me T 3's and anti-biotics. So once Maikal picked me up we headed to the drug store. Maikal of course commented on how beautiful I was the whole time :) We had to wait about 15 minutes before my drugs were ready, in the meantime, as we were looking for pea's, I started to drool. I of course did not even realize that I was drooling because my face was still completely frozen. Maikal simply turned to me told me that I was drooling everywhere. I was so embarrassed....Nothing more attractive than seeing the woman you love drool everywhere haha. One of the doctors walking by saw me looking like this (the picture with the pea's on my face) and rushed my prescription time. I must have looked pretty pathetic haha. Oh well...it worked for my benefit ;)
And let me just say, T3's are freakin awesome! I have felt no pain at all and I have only swollen a little. Overall I think this was a very successful surgery!

Just waiting in line for my drugs.
I was in a lot of pain.

Vampire lips.
I should be more careful when sucking
the blood from my victims ;)
Next time I will remember hand wipes.

I couldn't close my mouth due to
the freezing, swelling and the gauze.

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