Saturday, December 17, 2011
Long to Short

As the end of the school semester comes around,
so does the hair and beard...
Once finished with exams,
we decided the long hair and brush-like beard
needed to go

We thought it would be fun to take pictures of:
1. All the sweet ways Maikal can style his hair while long
2. The different facial hair

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Today Makes 7 Months

It's pretty awesome being Married
to your Best Friend <3
Tuesday, December 6, 2011
The Christmas Tree

This year has a lot of first's for us.


So yesterday we finally got ahold of our Christmas Tree!!
I spent the day at Salvation Army and Dollarama looking for decorations
And man did I find some good stuff :)
I love all the different colours and lights that we chose
We made sure to put the tree right in front our big window
so that everyone could see our beautiful tree!
Why not show it off?

But I will admit...
I was a little...ok...totally controlling
when it came to the placing of decorations.
Maikal was putting the lights around the tree,
but not tucking them in!
I insisted that the lights need to be tucked
into the tree to give it dimension and depth.
Also, when I noticed that he put my
two favourite pieces on the very bottom
and close together, I couldn't handle it.
I immediately moved them up so
everyone was able to see them.
You can't have two identical awesome pieces
right beside each other. Right???
Maybe I'm just a little too OCD lol
but anyways...
The tree looks great!
Even if I did go a little crazy...
I just wanted it too look it's best for our
First Christmas!

There is constantly Christmas music playing in our home
Particularly "Do you hear what I hear?" - by Carrie Underwood
Soooo fantastic

Not bad for decorating our first christmas tree together eh?

This is by far my fav decoration
I was able to find two of these at salvation army :)

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