Friday, July 22, 2011
Maikal turns 26!

Yesterday, friends and family gathered to celebrate Maikal's birthday. It was a wonderful day filled with yummy food, laughter, silliness, and of course love. The day went something like this:
Maikal and I both went to work.
I came home first and cleaned and organized the house.
Maikal then came home and I gave him a big Happy Bday Kiss!
I started prepping for dinner. On the menu was Maikal's favourite dinner: Pork Chops with mushroom gravy, pea's and rice with apple sauce. So delicious!
Then Andrew and Brandon showed up. They both had presents so we immediately jumped into the unwrapping. Andrew gave Turks and silly puddy. For Brandon's present, he had phoned me earlier to tell me all about it. As most of you know, Maikal lost his phone about a month ago. We had sworn he left it in Brandon's car, but we tore that car apart looking for that phone. As time past, we gave up hope and decided to just buy a new phone. But Brandon's phone call was probably one of the best call's I've received all week. He told me that he FOUND HIS PHONE! He somehow overlooked this little section in his car. It was right behind this book that Maikal was reading. He had this great idea to give Maikal his phone to him as his birthday present! And what a great present indeed!!

He was so excited to open his presents!

He also likes to be creepy with his presents..

Best Present Ever!

Oh ya...and have you noticed the sweet Moustache...
I actually kinda like it!
The boys kept saying that he looks like
the ideal Cop or Firemen.
And I totally agree!

The delicious Cake that Brandon made!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Monday, July 18, 2011
Tooth Fairy Alert

About 2 months ago, I had an appointment to have my wisdom teeth taken out. The appointment overall was an alright experience. let's be honest, it could have gone ALOT worse than it did. Just a little swelling and not too much pain. Power of drugs people.
A couple of weeks ago, I felt a small sharp piece of something in the back right of my mouth. Right where my wisdom tooth was.
At first I thought that maybe it was simply a piece of candy or some sort of food that would not come out of my mouth.
It wasn't until I decided to investigate this sharp annoyance by looking in the mirror and trying to get it out, that I discovered it was attached.
That's right.
My Dentist had mistakenly missed part of my tooth.
I really don't see how he could have missed it.
Just Look! It's Huge! And just look at those sharp edges...ouch.
It's been this way for a couple weeks now, and just this morning
I was playing around with it with my tongue...
and POP!
That sucker just ripped right off the gum.
The pain was no more than a little pinch.
I can't even tell you how much I am grateful that this thing came out.
Definitely thought I was going to be stuck with it until Maikal became a Dentist himself.

And there it is.

See those sharp edges!
I could seriously hurt someone.


Thursday, July 14, 2011
Three Things.

As many of you know, the months of May and June were incredibly rainy! And it's about dang time that the Hot weather decided to show up. Although the rain was awful most days, it did do a great job of making everything green!
As of July 1st, we officially live in Lethbridge. Magrath was a wonderful place to live. Close to family and friends, closer to the Temple, and of course close to our cute baby horse 'Link'. But....
There were some downsides to living there. Let's just say this, living underneath a 6 month old baby with it's room right above ours, is definitely not the best way to live. but I do say this, that baby is pretty dang cute.
We absolutely LOVE our new house! It is so wonderful! Stay tuned and I will post pictures!

We love July 1st.
We started the day in Raymond at the parade.
It seems that nowadays, parades are more of
an Advertisement opportunity
rather than showing off sweet and creative floats.
What ever happened to those days???
I vote we bring them back.
Moving on...
Then off to the amazing Slip'n'Slide out in Magrath.
Then BBQ with family
Which then lead to a quick nap on the lawn.
Can I just say that taking a nap on a blanket
right in the middle of the front lawn
with my hubby is definitely something
I want to do often.
After which we headed back to lethbridge and played
games with our friends.
And to top it all off..
We then hit up the fireworks at Henderson Lake.
And HOLY COW the show was amazing this year.
They even pulled out the Smiley Faces and Heart Shapes!
Way to Upgrade Lethbridge ;)

On our way the Parade

Oh Kendra, how I missed your face.

Ok this is the Slip'n'Slide I mentioned.
Isn't it the best thing you're ever seen!
These people decided one day to dig a long trench
down this hill, then fill it with plastic.
There is also a built-in hose at the top that
allows the water to run down.

My Hubby :)

The Tuck and Slide


This is definitely harder than it looks people.

Hubby again

Ben. Epic

Mani. Careful not to initially jump on your knee's to start...
She learnt that the hard way.

Group Slide.
There were some pretty hard bumps and bruises by
the end of this turn.

Best timing ever.
Brandon jumped at the last possible moment
before andrew swopped under his feet.
Good thing he's like a monkey.

Kinda gross I know.
Tiff(Matt's Fiancee) decided to sew Matt's teeth
together with grass.

No Hot Water For A Week.
This was a hard and horrible week for getting clean.
Our hot water tank just decided to stop working one day.
Way to make our lives miserable Tank.
Good thing Maikal has previously learned skills on
'how to shower in a bucket'
Which he learned on his Mission in Mexico.
This way of 'showering' consisted of 3 things:
A Tub
Multiple large Pots
A large Bucket
And of course some sort of Cup or Jug.

"This is what you do Brittany" Maikal explains...
"You boil the hot water on the stove, then half fill a large bucket with water from the tap. Then add the boiling hot water in order to make the water warm enough to shower. This way you have twice as much water instead of simply making the water warm rather than boiling. Once that's finished you sit in the tub, use the cup the get yourself wet, then start scrubbing and washing. Once you done that, simply rinse with the cup. And Done"
FYI: Have someone else rinse you is way more effective ;)
And THAT is how you shower in a bucket!
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