The Reason

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
This is not a good year for us.

So as most of you would have figured out by the lack of excitement over here, Maikal didn't get into school this year. We did absolutely everything we could to get in, but I guess it just wasn't our year. Ever since then, we've had this mentality, or at least I have, of Why??? What is the Reason we did not get in??? We know 100% why we did not get in last year. We needed to be here for family through an extremely hard time in our lives. I am very grateful that we didn't get an acceptance last year. Obviously we didn't know why at the time, but we know now.

Is something major going to happen again? Either good or bad?? Do we need to be here for some important reason in order for our lives to be on the right track?
Or is it simply just bad luck or bad timing?
Why God? Why have we been delayed yet another year from our future and our plans?? Maikal knows that he is suppose to be a dentist. He knows that that is the right path and occupation for him.

I was ready. We were ready to just pack up and leave if Maikal got in last minute. We were so sure we would get in. When I got that phone call that the decision was final and we weren't going anywhere, my heart sank. This is just a year of bad news for us.

But something kind of weird/good happened only 1 hour after I got that phone call from Maikal. Ben's speech therapist called and informed us that Ben has a spot waiting for him at Preschool if we wanted it. I wanted to put him in, but was unsure of our future plans, so I didn't give a second thought of putting him in. I of course said Yes immediately and got everything set up right away. I guess I've never mentioned this before, but yes Ben is delayed in his speech and has been going to therapy for a few months now. He has improved so much and it makes my heart happy to see how well hes growing and how much more we are able to communicate with each other. It's so nice. Preschool will help him grow socially and they have a speech therapist right there for him so he keep getting special help. I can't believe I already have a kid in school!! So weird!

AND right after that, my cousin came over and asked if Maikal was looking for a job. Yes he is! He got a job working on Wind Turbines up in Provost. So I've been single momming it for the past few weeks. And it will be like this until Dec, which is when the project ends. But with Ben in school, I've been able to handle everything so well. I thought I would die without Maikals help, but everything is going so smoothly and easy for me. Such a blessing!

So within a few hours of getting such heart wrenching news, we were blessed with two amazing opportunities. I feel so looked after. So cared for. Knowing that we are still in God's care and is giving us what we need right now. We may not know the answer to why our lives arent going the way we planned, but all we can do is keep trying and keep our heads up. We will get there, eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

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