Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oh my goodness where do I even begin! Ok so there are these brand new student apartments at BYUH and they are 2 bedrooms. We have been waiting and waiting and waiting to get into a 2 bedroom for about 10 months!! We prayed and prayed that something somewhere would open so we could move into a larger apartment, but nothing was happening. Then we see these new apartments being built and everyone was googly eyed over them. They are SO nice!! There are alot of people trying to get into these so we new our chances were slim. But after going to the open house for these apartments, we fell in love and were determined to get in!! We prayed harder, read our scriptures, went to the temple, etc.

So the other day, we got an email saying that we have been approved to move into a 2 bedroom! YAY!!!....kinda....they had assigned us to an older 2 bedroom. And we would have had to move June15th! So we would have had to fly there, move our stuff, then come back if we wanted. It would have been awful. Which don't get me wrong I am so grateful to have the opportunity!! But I just mentioned that we really wanted to get into the new building and they said they will see what they can do. After begging and grovelling and begging again, they found a spot for us in the New Building!!! GAHHHHHHHHHH

I was through the roof excited!! We felt so lucky and so blessed! We REALLY wanted this. Seriously the place we have now is very small and is infested with cockroaches....sick! I can't wait to show everyone pictures!! And poor Maikal, he is going back to Hawaii sooner than me so he has to do the move himself...but thank goodness for friends who are willing to help!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

We made it!! We are finally back in the homeland and are super excited!! We are staying in our same place that we lived in before we left, plus 3 Lowry's who are also living here lol. It's a fun house. The travel over here was alright. We had a night flight. Which was nice for Ben because he just slept the whole 5 hours, but for us it was horrible!! The plane was very uncomfortable. And can I just say that Old People on this ride were worse than the children! I don't know why, but it's like ALL of them NEEDED to have their over head lights on, even went they slept! They are very bright so it made it really hard to sleep. It was frustrating. But we were able to get about 2 hours of sleep. We then had a 2 hour layover in Vancouver then headed straight to Calgary! By the time we got home we were all EXHAUSTED. The jet lag really took a toll on all of us. Ben is still adjusting to the time change and so are we. He ended up staying awake until 2 am last brutal. But I think he may be fine still waiting to see if he wakes up....Crossed Fingers!

We've come to realized that Canada is flippin COLD!! The air is crispy and dry and it's just chilly! We are constantly wearing sweaters and socks. Poor Ben had nothing to wear so we went out and bought him warmer clothes today. He seems to have appreciated that lol.

In other news, I know i gave my promise about keeping that diet a few weeks ago. But I didn't realize at the time that we needed to eat all our food before we left so it wasn't wasted, and I HATE wasting food. So I put it on hold until today. Its day 1 of my body transformation. This summer I have dedicated myself to that diet and as well as doing P90X! I just finished my first workout and Im already dying! but I know I will have great results if I keep to it :)

So many plans for this summer and I can't wait!

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