Jack & July

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Hello friends!

Since I found out I was having a baby girl, my mind went straight to baby accessories! I don't know how long I searched online to find baby items that would suit my style. I even tried to make little hair accessories on my own, but that was a definite fail!
I was introduced to an online shop called Jack&July just a little while ago and I think I've hit the jackpot! It is run by two beautiful, amazing, and talented woman, Emme and Kristen. Seriously their stuff is so so so cute!!! They have items for both Boys and Girls, which is so nice since most businesses are just baby girl things.
My favourite style of headband for Aurora is Bows. Jack&July have the perfect selection! I just want all of them! And they keep adding new styles every so often so more and more styles will be available so keep an eye out!

One of the most attractive things about their business is the fact they all their stuff is so affordable!! So you don't need to work those extra shifts just to afford a decent headband or pair of moccs. Everything is well made and has amazing detail. The leather they use for their Bow Headbands and Moccasins are soooooooooo soft!!

And seriously who doesn't love a little boy in a Bow Tie??? I could die it's so cute. They have 2 selections for bow ties and it was so hard picking which one I liked better! So trendy and easy to use!

So head on over to their 

Website HERE
Facebook HERE
Instagram HERE

And show them some love!!

Thank you Jack & July for sponsoring this post!

Kimball River Cliffs

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The black straps on my bag I was carrying were starting to melt in the sun!
I didnt even notice until we were almost there.

Love love Mani's top!

The best of friends

My Swimsuit :: Aliexpress
Mani's Top :: Target (Similar)

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Kimball River Cliffs! It's a lowry favourite activity for the summers. I personally have yet to jump off the top, but I have done the lower cliff. I have a huge fear of jumping off high things!
The walk to these cliffs is so so beautiful. It's a fairly easy walk, with just 2 steep hills. The kids had it easy in the strollers. I wish they would invent a shrinking ray gun so I could get carried around! My kids LOVE the outdoors. Anything outside is fun. And it's especially fun when it's somewhere new! Although the water is quite cold, the kids had fun playing in the shallow parts and just throwing rocks and splashing around. The baby girls had their first taste of freezies and were immediately addicts. The last few pictures of their faces kill me!! It's the face they make when they want another freezy NOW!

I don't want to make anyone sad, but it just hit me yesterday that we only have 6 weeks of summer left!!! How on earth does it go by this quickly!!?? We are trying to soak in as much sun and adventure as possible.
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