Saturday, October 20, 2012
Oh Maikal....

So I went to Costco today and this is what I come home to.
I arrived at my BIL Jesse's house and I see all the boys on the coach huddling around Maikal and holding ice to his hand.
Immediately I thought: "Oh no he hurt himself! Probably a deep cut or a sprain"
The boys went surfing today so it wasn't unlikely that a sprain or cut would happen.
But then I see that Maikal had put his wedding ring onto his middle finger and it was extremely red. He thought that by putting his ring onto his middle finger, it would be less likely to fall off. But to his demise, that ring had gotten stuck. As soon as he realized what was happening he started to panic! I mean who wouldn't!? So the boys tried everything to get it off! Dish soap, butter, spit, icing it, raising his hand above his head, advil.....but nothing. So we finally decided to just cut it off before it got worse.

It took about 20 minutes of sawing before it finally cut through.

Relief! He was in so much pain!

Friday, October 19, 2012

That Panic.

That Panic that comes when your mind goes to those certain possibilities.

Those Possibilities that come to your mind when you realize that:

You're Late
Your cravings become overwhelming
You seem to be going to the bathroom more often
You feel those gas bubbles in your stomach that may or may not be what you think they are
You're Moody

These are the thoughts that go through your mind when you think that it happened.....
That it happened again...

I mean hey, if it happened once it can definitely happen again.


It didn't.

It didn't happen again.

It's just me and my crazy brain that goes straight to panic mode whenever something weird happens to my body.

And then I just sit back and laugh at myself. 
Why do I get myself so worked up!
That's just me I guess :)

Don't get me wrong, I am very excited to have another baby! But not now. Not anytime soon...

The plan is to wait until we are done in Hawaii, then we will start on Baby #2.

It happens.

It happens to many of us.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I love walks. Especially here in Hawaii. The nights are so warm, calm and quiet. It is so beautiful here and I am so blessed to live in such a wonderful place. One of the most pretty places here on the island is the Temple. It is built up on a hill so you can see it for miles. It's glorious glow is beyond beautiful, especially in the night!
For fhe we decided to take a stroll around the temple grounds. It's hard to see the real beauty of this place but hopefully we will visit there in the day soon :)

On the way back we stopped at our playground and swung on the swings!
My boys LOVE the swings haha

Funny story. While walking back to our house, we look over at this yellow buggy
and see a black cat next to a diaper on the roof. I wasn't able to take capture the cat
but at least i got the
But we thought it was funny that a cat drug a diaper on top of this car and just sat next to it!

Tonights' treat. I did not give into my temptations (thx to maikal) and had a fibre1 bar instead :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
My Goal

Dear Pre-Baby Body,
I MISS YOU. That pretty much says it all.

I know it's all my fault that I gained so much weight during pregnancy....I just couldn't help myself sometimes! I gained 20 pounds of unwanted and unnecessary weight. yuck.
Lately I have been doing the insanity workouts and really watching what I'm eating! I've had enough of this body and I want to get back to my old self! 

I want to be able to rock a bikini.
I want to be able to wear skinny jeans without looking like a pear.
I want to be able to wear tighter shirts without worrying about my belly rolls.

So here is my goal.
I am going to look like this again by Christmas...if not better!
I am going to work hard and not give in to my temptations!
AND....I'm going to get a tan! :)

These are my GOAL jeans.
I WILL be able to fit into these my Christmas!

sorry for the scandy picture...but I just think I looked so good!

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