Mother's Day

Sunday, May 8, 2016
I love with all my heart that there is a 'holiday' in our society that focuses solely on Mothers.
Because, I think, they truly have the most important job in the world.

Mothers are creating the next generation. Most are raising the next generation. You are in charge of teaching your children. It truly is so important. And it's Scary!

This has recently hit home for me. Little old me now has two kids to teach everything I can in order for them to be the best self's they can possibly be. To give them as many opportunities in life to grow and to be who they want to be. To teach them good morals and proper manners. To teach them Love and Charity and how to live in an amazing world full of amazing things and amazing people. To also teach them about the things that may be harmful to them. To teach them to make smart choices that will better themselves as well as the people around them.

I feel such a huge responsibility sometimes being a mother. And it's overwhelming. How do I do this? I see myself looking at other mothers and how they are doing it. How they are teaching there kids to be awesome. How they manage to balance everything and keep a smile on their face while doing it. I look up to so many Mother's to help give me the advice and courage I need to do this. But one person in particular I think about the most. And that of course is my own Mom.

Looking back at my childhood, I remember countless walks around the pond. Spending every beautiful day outside at the park or around the neighbourhood. Making snow tunnels in the backyard. Taking us to so many places like the zoo, lakes, cousin's houses, festivals, and more. It felt like we were always doing something. I had a fantastic childhood as well as the ages leading into adulthood. And a huge part of those great memories, are because of my Mom. The amount of sacrifice and love she gave for her kids to have fun and grow is simply amazing. And I want to be just like that!

I've been learning over the years that you don't need to know everything about Motherhood right away. I feel like you don't truly know anything about Motherhood until you actually become a Mother. Knowledge and skills about raising kids kind of seems to come in little moments throughout your life. I feel like I learn new things everyday! New things come with new ages. Growing up we would make fun of my older Brother Cody because he was basically the Child guinea pig for our parents to learn from haha. But isn't that so true with every first child!?? I learned ALOT (some things unfortunately the hard way) from raising Ben before Aurora. Once she came along, Mother hood seemed like a piece of cake because of all the 'trial and error' from Ben's young ages! Sorry Ben ;)

Anyways I know this post is getting long. So I will just end with this.
I love my kids. I love all the giggles and morning cuddles. I love laughing at all the silly movements and things these little humans say to me. I love how freaking adorable they are.
I love that I have an amazing Mother to look up to. I love how I was raised and I only hope to do the same for my kids.

Could you die over those faces! Pure joy!

And of course.....just a little outfit posing for you know.....Frolicking through a row of trees in a pretty dress seemed like a worthy picture opportunity ;)

My Dress :: CiChic
(Also love this, this, and this one)

Thank you Hannah Farrell for snapping these beautiful moments with my kids!
Be sure to check out her heart warming post about Mother hood!

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